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LeanSpark is an accelerator for startups to grow faster when they want to go alone. LeanSpark is an integrator that connects the resources of different partners. LeanSpark is also a powerful backing for technology empowerment and a guide for startups to avoid pitfalls when they go out to market. How does LeanSpark interpret the practical effect of “Going Out Together”? How does its lean acceleration enable startups to reach global markets? LeanSpark CEO Gaudi joins us to talk about growing up with a startup team during those years.

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Gaudi, co-founder and CEO of LeanSpark, used to be in charge of Microsoft’s startup support program in Greater China. She joined an AI startup in 2016 and was acquired by a listed company at the end of 2017. Since then, she has focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed and providing accelerated services for technological innovation and entrepreneurs. Its lean startup camp mainly provides customized overseas services, and its venture capital fund projects have close cooperation with large technology enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions.

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What areas does LeanSpark focus more on

08:11 LeanSpark Chinese-foreign collaboration fun

11:45 The current internationalization trend of science and technology enterprises

21:22 What does it take for a startup to join LeanSpark

31:28 In the post-epidemic era, what areas do LeanSpark focus more on

36:04 LeanSpark CEO explains the important factors for the success of overseas enterprises

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