Hello, everyone, I am for the majority of programmers brothers worry broken heart xiaobian, every day to recommend a small tool/source, full of your favorites, every day to share a small skill, let you easily save development efficiency, do not work overtime do not stay up late do not lose hair, is my goal!

Today xiaobian recommend a test system based on SpringBoot+Vue development, the system integrates user management, role management, department management, question bank management, question management, question import and export, test management, online examination, error training and other functions, the examination process is perfect. Can be used for simple exams or for secondary development!

Technology stack

SpringBoot / Redis / Shiro / Vue / MySQL

Open source licenses

Use mulanpSL-1.0 open source license

The link address

【 exam 】 obtain git address

Product features

System perfection: perfect authority control and user system

  • Permission control: Permission control features developed based on Shiro and JWT.
  • User system: user management, department management, role management, etc.

Multi-role: Multi-role support

  • Test side: students role, support online test, check scores, training errors.
  • Management end: question bank management, test question management, test management, user department management, check the test situation and so on.

Enrollment test: Test authority definition

  • Full disclosure: anyone can take the exam.
  • Designated department: Only people in the selected department can see the exam.

Multiple questions: support for common questions

  • Supporting questions: Single choice, multiple choice, and judgment questions.
  • Difficulty: Ordinary, difficult.

Convenient test paper: Test bank test paper group

  • Question bank group paper: specify question bank, score and quantity; Random sorting of topics and options to eliminate cheating

Demo screenshot

At the end

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