First PyCharm opens the same version of code as the remote Ambari Agent and begins some configuration


  1. Configure a remote Python Interpreter
  2. Configure project launch configurations

Configure a remote Python Interpreter

Go to PyCharm, click Preference in the upper left corner, and find Python Interpreter

Add Python Interpreter

Show All displays existing Python Interpreter, from where you can also add Python Interpreter

Click Add in the previous image to get to this screen and find SSH Interpreter to configure username/password/port information

Enter the SSH password

Configure remote Python Interpreter, code pathmapping, and choose whether to synchronize local project code to the server

Click Finish to see that you have successfully added an SFTP remote Python Interpreter that we applied for the Project

Configure project launch configurations

Click on Edit Configurations in the top right corner of your workspace to go to the page, and click the + sign to add Python

Specify the name, launch script path, environment variables, and Python Interpreter for our Python project

At this time we have configured the remote debugging environment, click Debug launch can be debugged as the local code