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Recommend a fun Chrome extension - view the development stack of any website

Posted on Aug. 8, 2022, 8:13 p.m. by Kelly Watts-Jackson
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There are a lot of front-end frameworks out there for front-end developers, and the most popular are the so-called troika of front-end frameworks: Angular, React, and Vue. In the process of learning, I must be curious about what kind of front-end framework is used to develop the websites of Internet companies.

The Chrome Extension Store offers one such app: Wappalyzer:

Once installed, open a site you want to explore and click the little button in the Chrome toolbar to summon up the Wappalyzer page.

Here's a look at some of the tech stacks of Internet companies' websites using this introduction's Chrome extension, Wappalyzer.

Baidu: using SWFObject and jQuery.

Jd: Using WebPack, jQuery. Jd's jQuery version is much lower than Baidu's.

Github: Tengine for servers, Zepto for JavaScript libraries.

Github CDN: Github Pages Web Framework: Ruby on Rails. It also uses Google's report processing service, Google Analytics.

SAP's official website: The programming language is Java, and the front-end uses jQuery. Facebook Widgets are used because of integration with Facebook.

JQuery 2.2.0, XRegExp 1.5.0. It also uses Google Analytics, Google's reporting service. Programmers use SyntaxHighlighter when blogging, which requires syntax highlighting.

Tencent Cloud community: Nginx for server, React for front-end framework, and Prism.

ITEye, another domestic IT blog, uses Prototype.

Today's headline: Nginx for servers, jQuery for front-end frameworks. Google Analytics was also used.

Ali Cloud community: jQuery, WebPack, Tengine server, And Google Analytics.

Simple book: Rare use of Vue, version 2.4.2. Programming language Ruby, also used moment.js and jQuery. The Web framework also uses Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap.

Twitter: Google Analytics.

Google: Using Google's own Server, Google Web Server.

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