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Recommend a few magic tools to improve your work efficiency

Posted on Aug. 5, 2023, 8:57 a.m. by William Mortimer
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Recommend several work efficiency artifact, as long as the use of computer work are applicable, can greatly improve work efficiency.

The equipment mentioned in this article has been tried by myself, and all the prices are from JINGdong website. It is recommended to buy the equipment according to your own economic conditions (theoretically, the more expensive the better). It is not recommended to buy the equipment lower than the equipment configured in this article. (Author: Huang Haiguang)

General artifact

No.1 Dual-screen display

I feel this can greatly improve work efficiency, using the laptop video interface, connected to a 24 inch monitor, dual-screen display mode recommended to use the expansion mode.

It is also possible to connect two monitors on a desktop computer, which has multiple video interfaces (HDMI, DP, etc.) as long as it is independent of the graphics card. \

While working, you can drag some content to another monitor to display. \

Using dual screens allows us to consciously separate our work into blocks, which does improve productivity to some extent.

Recommended monitor: \

Introduction: DELL P2419h about 1079 yuan, DELL monitor look for a long time the eyes are not tired, and DELL monitor screen can lift, can also be rotated 90 degrees (vertical screen is very convenient to see the paper).

Advanced: can choose larger, such as 27 inch, 32 inch monitor, distribution rate of 2K or 4K. Theoretically, the same brand, the more expensive the better, tuhao please feel free. \

1. In fact, as long as it supports VESA 100*100mm display with a rotating lifting base can complete the rotating lifting function. 2. P series only 90 degrees clockwise, and U series is good or poor clockwise can be 90 degrees, the two I have, don't look at the single direction and the difference between the two sides to, if the host on the ground, it is even more screen, sometimes determines your line is just enough to or nearly (don't ask me how I know, of course in long term, but it is an unnecessary spending, Or change the base) in fact, I think the border thickness is not very important unless the vertical parallel, but the maintenance rate of U series is really high ah, at the same time, the expensive real lifting feel is not the same ah. 3. The size difference between dell 23 and 24 inches (23.8 to be exact) is very small, and there is no difference in use (so it should be more than 23 inches). In addition, if you really want to buy 32 inches so big, the touching price, I think it is not as good as 24 inches of double screen. 4. In addition to buy before figure out what interface, with those lines, HDMI DP DVI VGA I have seen, after all, the price of different interface line is still different, but also limited the resolution of the upper limit (2K 4K to pay attention to) now the new display has support c port is particularly convenient.

No.2 Sensitive mouse

A mouse that is sensitive and can change resolution is important for productivity.

Entry level:

Logitech G102 109 yuan, a prerequisite for entry, can adjust 200-8000DPI resolution, with good.


No.3 Note-taking software


Evernote, the general version of free, basic can meet, evernote is a very powerful function is web crawling, very intelligent, basic can capture useful content.

Academic artifact* * * *

No.1 Paper management software

Zotero is highly recommended. As a free software to help researchers collect, manage and cite research resources, it is now widely used.

I've used other paper management software, but Zotero is the best.

Cost: 0 \

Usage Guide: Zotero paper management tool is a scientific research worker's artifact

No.2 Formula input

Mathtype is recommended in Word, and Mathpix Snip is highly recommended for typing formulas in Markdown or latex.

Usage Guidelines:

Mathpix Snip takes a screenshot and the formulas are automatically converted into LaTex expressions, which we simply modify.

This site has carried on the actual measurement, wrote a use instructions:

  • Install the software url: Mathpix snippet: and use the default options and click Next.
  • Take screenshots of the formula and generate latex code

This part is easy. After launching the software, press the shortcut key:


Once the formula is captured, the software automatically recognizes and generates latex code.

The recognition effect is shown as follows:

A. Identification of electronic formulas with almost 100% accuracy.

The original image

The transformed formula

B. Handwritten formula recognition, as long as the handwriting is clear, the recognition rate is very high.

Write a formula

The effect after conversion

Cost: It starts, but the free version can be used 50 times a month. After 50 times, you can register with another email address to continue using it

No.3 English grammar correction

Grammarly is an excellent and reliable English writing aid. Grammarly can help you correct English grammar by checking for mistakes in words, grammar and tense that you have not noticed, and providing more accurate correction methods.

The basic version is free, and you can install word plug-ins.


No.4 Variable name

Recommendation: codelf

Free to use.

In the usual work, a lot of programmers for the variable naming intertwined, call the fear of the later don't understand, want to have a good name but my English level is not good, may need to spend a lot of time on this name, might delay the development of efficiency, recommends an artifact, today this artifact can get rid of the variable naming struggle! \

Unbug.github. IO /codelf

GitHub link:

Enter the variable to be named, either in Chinese or English.

Click search, the site will give the translation of the variable name, the following variable naming suggestions, you can copy the variable name, you can also look at the source code using the variable, and you can choose the type of development language.

  • Click "Search" to Search for other related names based on the current name.
  • Clicking "Repo" links to the repository of the code that uses that name.
  • Click "Copy" to Copy the name.
  • Click on "Codes" to see sample code using names.

Temporarily think of so much, welcome to add messages.

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