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The article tutorial

Vue. Js component coding specification Chinese version

Earlier, this weekly pushed the English version of vue. js component coding specification, this is the Chinese translation, students who are not good at English can learn, but the final suggestion is to learn English well, you can start from translation.

E2E test vue.js application using TestCafe

TestCafe is an E2E testing tool that was introduced in 2016 and has been widely adopted. Teams and developers who strive for software quality will try to add tests to their projects. Unit testing, interface testing, integration testing. TestCafe is used for integration testing, also known as E2E testing. This article explains how to use TestCafe to test vue.js applications for E2E.

The development tools

Goops: Command line tool for adding best Gitignore rules to a repository

Goops is a command line tool that adds.gitignore files to your current working directory, but it’s actually more powerful than that. Goops analyzes files in your current working directory to determine which ones to ignore, with a degree of intelligence.

The 5 best Node.js tools for completing E2E testing

This article lists the 5 best tools for E2E testing projects, including TestCafe from another article in this week’s issue: Testing Vue. Js with TestCafe. How to make front-end iterations faster and more confident? Research these tools and pick the one that works best for you.

The code framework

Vue. Js + Element UI admin background template

Js + Webpack + Vuex + VUE-Router + Element UI management background seed project, compared with the official open source ele. me, can be said to be a professional version, to enhance the common management background functions. Examples include wySIWYG editors, file uploads, theme support, etc.

Epilogue + Express + Sequelize Quickly build API services

Express + Sequelize is a common combination of technologies to build back-end services. If the architecture is separated from the front and back, it requires the server to expose various apis, and it is best for the API to conform to some specification, the most common being the Restful specification. Epilogue is a plug-in that helps you quickly turn your Express + Sequelize service into a Restful interface that supports a variety of customizations.

Vue-moment: vue.js date processing filter

Moment. Js is the standard library for date and time processing in the front-end domain. Vue-moment does this for you, and you can add a moment filter to output variables in your template.

Look for inspiration

Gulp plugins, articles and tutorials

This is probably the best collection of add-ons, articles, and tutorials besides the official Gulp documentation and tutorials. I wonder why the authors didn’t name the repository awesome-gulp. Gulp isn’t new to the front-end community, but it’s definitely worth learning how to use.

Awesome Element: Around the ele. me component library

Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List: Awesome List

Video presentation

React Conf 2017

React Conf 2017 ended this week with plenty of stuff to watch, including videos posted on Youtube. React Native path, React isomorphism app, Redux and MobX comparison, React development tool, GraphQL, React VR, etc.

Good question and answer

How do I show exactly which word changed in Git-diff?

The new version of Git provides a –word-diff function, which is very useful for students who write Markdown. Instead of the traditional whole line diff mode, it diff by word, so that you can see more clearly where the truth has changed. Of course, using this feature requires a Git version update.

Technology of dynamic

Guetzli: Google has open-source a more efficient JPEG image encoding algorithm

Guetzli is Google recently announced open source new JPEG image encoding algorithm, in the case of visual lossless, the volume of the encoded image can reduce 20% ~ 30%, the official code warehouse, peripheral supporting tools have begun to appear, want to speed up the image loading speed, save bandwidth? Put it to use.

GitHub: Display of updated open source project licenses

GitHub has updated the License interface so that you can see the License at a glance. If your project is licensed under a popular open source License (such as MIT, Apache, or GPL), you’ll see a brief description of the License, along with an overview of what you can and cannot do with the project.


How to pass the Hungry Me Node.js interview?

This is an official guide for ele. me on how to pass their Node.js engineer interview. It covers almost all fields of node.js server development. It can be seen that the people who compiled this article are very strong in ability and vision.

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