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Quick installation of virtual machine [full diagram]

Posted on Dec. 2, 2022, 6:07 p.m. by Nitya Raval
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Installing a VM

VMware 15 Pro:

After the installation is complete, access the software.

1. Create a VM

Select create a VM

It is ok to choose typical generally

Create a VM and select install the OS later

Select the type of the operating system to be installed

Specify the name of the virtual machine, and where to install it

Select the maximum number of files on the disk and split the disk into multiple files.


Let's begin to configure the virtual machine

Select edit this virtual machine

Configuring the Memory Size

Configure the vm processors based on the number of processors on your computer

Network Configuration Select the NAT mode.

The next step is to install the operating system

Select the image file, then confirm and start the virtual machine to go to installation.

In the previous several parts, enter directly, remember to choose skip to skip the file detection, because the detection time is too long.

In addition, the installation process will enter the virtual system operation, click to enter the operation, Ctrl+ Out to exit

The next step is to select simplified Chinese, the next step is to select American English keyboard, and the next step is to select Basic storage, and the next step is to select Ignore all data. The following is to set the host name for the system.

Now select the time zone, no Beijing, only Shanghai.

The next step is to set a root password that you can remember in the test environment, the more complex the better.

Next, divide the disk space and select a custom layout. You usually have to divide it into three. One is the boot partition with mount point /boot, one is swap, and one is the root partition with mount point /.

Select Idle, then create, and select standard partition.

The final result is shown here. Click Next, then select Format and write to disk.

Then go to the following interface

Here you need to select Custom now and then select the package you want to download.

Describe here: select the basic system in the basic, compatible library, debugging tools; The rest depends on their own needs, can not choose all. Keep it as small as possible.

Now it's time for the long installation!

Click Reboot when the installation is complete.

You can create a login user here, or you can not create a login user temporarily. After entering the system, you can create a login user using a command.

This may not be turned on during the testing phase.

Finally, restart the system, the installation is successful, the above process is only used for their temporary simple test phase, write in a hurry, what is insufficient or wrong place, please correct.

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