• The company landing page needs, pages, but the structure is mostly consistent, so I want to make a set of their own NPM package convenient application
  • Thanks for sharing, it’s easy to use the portal
  • Make a note of the pits you picked

The release is error 403

  • Cause 1 (I encountered), NPM mailbox for verification, to go to the bound mailbox for verification
  • Cause 2 (on the network), the NPM package name is occupied, just change it
  • Cause 3 (online), NPM is using taobao source image, you need to change back to NPM config set Registry

After the deployment goes online, it cannot be referenced in the project

  • Json “main”: “dist/ helloname.min.js “,
  • This dependency was not found: helloname.min.js () This dependency was not found:

Update package

  • You must update the version number, otherwise you cannot update the package

that’s all

– Thanks to the big guy up there