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proxy in nodejs code

Posted on Oct. 3, 2022, 6:05 a.m. by 李雅琪
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I train myslef with NodeJS and tried a simple GET call. Here is my code:

Var HTTP = the require (" HTTP ");

Var options = {host: '', path: '/ xmlAPI /boardgame/1? Stats =1', method: 'GET'}

Var request = http.request(options, function (response) {var STR = "" response.on(' data ', function (data) { str += data; }); Response. on(' end ', function () {console.log(STR); }); });

Request. On (' error ', function (e) {console.log('Problem with request: '+ e.message); });


When behind a proxy you need to make the following modifications (as explained in this answer):

put the proxy host in the host parameter

put the proxy port in the port parameter

put the full destination URL in the path parameter :

Which gives:

Var options = {host: ' PROXY_HOST ', port: ' PROXY_PORT ,' path: ' ', method: GET, headers: {Host: ''}}

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