Following the previous article “want to program, is it hard to learn by yourself or go to training classes?” Simply give some advice to friends who do not know how to choose, the topic of today’s article is, how to go step by step after choosing?

Choose a language

Before you do anything, the first step to choose is very important, programming is no exception, if you want to do Android development, then choose Kotlin, Java, if you want to do iOS development, then choose Object-C, Swift, wait for you to master a language, or even master, When you learn a new language, you will feel very relaxed.

Find your own learning style

Now the network is so convenient, looking for learning resources individual feel not a problem, of course, learn to use the network to look for resources is you must be able to, the future is of great use. To sum up, there are probably several ways:

  • Internet search/search (Google, Baidu)
  • Buy books (at your own level)
  • A video or blog that suits you
  • Multi-code demo, more understanding of peers, more communication
  • Try blogging and journaling

It is best to combine the above methods of personal advice, you know, programming is a very hard thing.

No trace is left on the foundation

I mean the basic knowledge, don’t be in a hurry, the so-called “more haste, less speed”, anxious to achieve will be defeated, among them, grammar and programming habits are very important, without a good grasp of the grammar of a language, is equal to a painter without soul, can not produce amazing works; And a good programming habit, it will bring many benefits to you, think of this time in front of you, there are two projects, a all code with detailed comments, variable definitions follow certain rules, and the code is formatted style, while the other can’t see any comments, and the code format in a mess, not to mention what variables defined rules, At this point, which do you think is better?

“Great things in the world must be done in detail, and difficult things must be done easily.”

Never tire of looking at two

Here’s how I summed it up:

  • See the effect
  • Look at technology sharing (blogs, forums, various sharing platforms, published apps)
  • See the code

The so-called effect includes two aspects, you need to achieve the effect, others have achieved or similar effects, do more collection, free to take out practice; Look at technology sharing, to know that technology is to share, in the programming of this road, there are many peers are willing to share, see their sharing, both learning is also bedding; As a programmer, ultimately is to implement in code, so to see code, more code;

  • Get a bug
  • Tired of boring

As a developer, the last thing you want to hear is “there’s a bug”. Don’t be annoyed. If you’ve read the job postings carefully, you’ll notice that they sometimes include the following: “Not tired of bugs, can adapt to demand change”, so, the normal coping strategy should think that a bug is normal, because there is no program is not any bug, bug is a way to improve our technology ah, to adhere to the “never forget the original intention, always”; If it’s boring at the beginning, it means you’re getting into it. If you stick with it for a while, you’ll realize it’s not that boring, because you’ll get to know a lot of interesting people and things.

The advanced

Programming is generally considered to have several stages of growth: Primary or middle – > advanced – > >, a senior management post, this road is long and tough, and each stage need to acquire different knowledge, corresponding to each person’s understanding is different on the length of time is different, need to do, one step at a time, do a good job in the some skills, don’t assume any way such as proficient in XX days.

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