(117) Loon stranded

The diving dragon was still tepid. Recently period of time, kang God also can’t sit bench. He was active in getting new projects for the group. We were not too busy to do anything, nor too busy to work late into the night. The restless are gone, and most of the rest are just muddling along.

I don’t have as many unconstrained ideas as Lao Pan, nor can I take work as a hobby as Kang Shen. Perhaps within a few kilometers, the only visible and imitable example is Deng Pu Yun.

In order not to become a waste, I bought some reference books related to new technology from the Internet and prepared to take out the study in my spare time. The books are well chosen and the content is excellent. I just overestimated my enthusiasm for learning. Those expensive technical books sit in a corner of the workstation, gathering dust.

There is good news that my Work and residence permit in Beijing has come down. This means I have a valuable license plate in the imperial capital, buy a house.

Li Xiangyang kept urging me to go to the lottery, saying that if I won, I could rent the license plate to him and give me 10,000 yuan a year.

Li xiangyang loves cars. Whenever he comes across a good car on the road, he will stop and look at it. He had saved up all the money for his Audi Q5, but failed to get a license plate for more than three years.

After learning that I participated in the lottery, Wang Xu, who had not contacted me for a long time, sent me wechat. His baby was due at the end of the year and he needed a mobility scooter. He wanted to fight Li Xiangyang for the right to use my license plate, and he offered twelve thousand a year.

All of a sudden, I became the toast. Two tuhao shake so many years have not been able to shake, is why believe that I have in ten thousand people killed out of the good luck? Does god favor the children of the poor?

After the work and residence permit is done, the mouth says to the surrounding people can not afford to buy a house in the imperial capital, but MY heart or will calculate. Under several purchase software, after understanding the real estate market in Beijing, I feel that buying a house in the Imperial capital is not a far-fetched dream. Can’t we afford the one next to the Forbidden City or the Ming Tombs?

I tried to talk to old Yao about buying a house, but the talk fell through. I mean don’t try so hard to buy in the county first, let me work hard for a few years, try to buy in the suburbs of Beijing or the provincial capital of my hometown. Lao Yao means that the housing price is changing with each passing day. I can buy it early and feel secure. When I can afford to move to another city, I can sell the house in the county seat. I explained to him that the county was building new buildings everywhere, and there were countless new houses. No one would buy a second-hand house, and once a house was bought, it would be difficult to sell it. Old Yao accused me of being unable to see reality.

Old Yao stiffened up and could not pull any of the eight horses. He ignored my advice and ended up paying full price for a two-bedroom apartment in a newly opened community in the county seat, pouring his life savings into the 100-square-meter apartment.

Without money, he suddenly felt insecure. I had a job as an auxiliary police officer in the city that got canceled. After much thought, he decided to work on a construction site to earn money.

You can’t sell that much strength when you’re in your fifties. We all advised him to stay at home, but he persisted. I had to ask uncle Four to help him find a job looking at a warehouse in the county. You don’t earn much money, but you don’t have to worry.

Alas, born to be human, it is hard to live only for yourself.

Girl with short hair

The temperature is getting higher and higher, summer can’t wait to rush to the world, one and another little fat man began to show his true form.

Last week, the group left an intern, listen to Kang God said that the mentor does not allow students to go out to practice, he called back to the laboratory.

Ms. Deng suddenly cut off her ponytail and grew a short, ear-length hair. Li xiangyang bet me why Deng cut her hair short. The bet was a lunch.

I think the weather is getting hot and I cut my hair simply to keep cool. Li Xiangyang felt hurt, so cut short hair, cut off the care, cut a love is not the bifurcation.

When He came to meet me for lunch, Li xiangyang took the opportunity to ask Deng: “Are you cosplay Chibi Maruko-chan?”

“No, it’s too hot. It’s cool.” Deng laughed.

Deng Uncut jade rhyme voice has not fallen, Li Xiangyang that shoehorn face is stiff. He shrugged his shoulders, and I began to plan where I would kill him at noon.

Li Xiangyang looked at Deng Uncut jade while shaking his head: “I say rhyme, heat has nothing to do with hair style. You said you were a little conservative for a ’93 girl, wearing hoodies and jeans all day. Give it a try. It’s cooler to expose more skin to the air than to cut your hair short.”

Deng Uncut jade charm’s cheek suddenly red rise, wry smile way: “xiangyang elder brother say right, another day I try next.”

Suddenly, a clatter of keyboards came from a corner not far away. I scan around, another intern In the group Sun Zhezheng face angrily staring at Li Xiangyang, full of murderous.

Most of the people around the impression of Li Xiangyang are good, this product from familiar, meet with who can chat a few words. But no matter how smooth you are, no matter how smooth you are, you can’t please everyone. Sun Zhe didn’t like Li Xiangyang very much. I saw him secretly roll his eyes at Li xiangyang several times.

At first, I wondered. When I was an intern, I wanted to curry favor with all the older employees around me so that the transition would be easier. No matter how much hate a person, the surface is also a smile.

After several careful observations, I saw the way, Sun Zhe should be like Deng Uncut jade charm. He would stop by my station to make his presence felt and sometimes bring a snack for Teresa.

Li Xiangyang likes to play with girls very much. Every time he comes to see me, he always takes the opportunity to play with Deng Puyun. When the girl you like is talking and laughing with other boys, no one can avoid being annoyed.

I secretly took aim at sun Zhe of a few eyes, his line of sight also swept me. He hurriedly tucked headphones into his ears and stared at the computer screen, pretending to be concentrating on his work.

“Go, go, go to dinner.” I pushed Li Xiangyang to go out, so that he would not cause trouble to others.

“Brother Yao, can I eat with you?” Deng took a few quick steps to keep up with us.

“Oh?” I’m appalled.

She had always eaten with two other interns, but now she had suddenly switched sides. At present, she and Sun Zhe were the only two interns left in the group. I guess she didn’t want to have dinner alone with Sun Zhe, so she joined li Xiangyang and me.

“Go, today elder brother treat.” Li Xiangyang raised his eyebrows.

Also from this day on, Deng Puyun formally joined me and Li Xiangyang’s dining team.

In the evening, on the way home, I chatted with Li Xiangyang and warned him: “Don’t tease my apprentice.”

Li Xiangyang’s eyes lit up: “Why? Jealous?”

I frown way: “eat wool vinegar, you didn’t see our group another intern Sun Zhe is interesting to her?”

Li Xiangyang looked indifferent: “What’s my business?”

I white Li Xiangyang one eye: “if you that two yuan sister in front of you, with me and play and make, your heart can cool?”

“I’m not worried,” Li sneered. “You’re not her type.”

I counterattack way: “she is not my dish more, dia of let a person stomach acid stomach distension, constipation diarrhea.”

Li Xiangyang not to be outdone: “with respect to your home hua mei is good, that putonghua seems to be to eat 2 catties loess.”

I immediately fire emit three zhangs: “Li Xiangyang, I day you big ye.”

Li Xiangyang suddenly patted my shoulder: “go, I two big ye return really good this mouth.”

People are invincible, I lost my temper.

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