Many people have the need for blurry photos to be sharp and small resolution images to be enlarged without distortion. What I want to do in this video is introduce you to two tools.

Bigjpg and Gigapixel AI Photo.

Tools to address

Photo tool URL navigation — GUOZH.NET

In this video I will briefly introduce the use of bigJPG and then compare.

I have prepared two pictures, which are cartoon pictures and character photos. Then the two pictures will be enlarged by the tool, and the picture obtained will be compared with the picture obtained by manually editing the size of the enlarged picture.

See how the tool works.


Some of the features of this tool can be used online or downloaded from the client to process images. At the same time, high magnification such as: 8, 16 times need to register. The tool is free.

Processing animation picture effect is very good, and then processing character photo effect is slightly less. Handles noise and jagged edges.

Next is a comparison picture. In the image below, the left is the original image, the middle is manually edited image resolution, and the right is processed with tools.

In the image below, the original image is on the left, and the image is enlarged by 4 times using the tool on the right.

For more details, check out the following couple of minutes

Youtube (recommended)


How can I put it? Whether useful or not, or want to add this sentence Lao Guo tree original, reproduced please add picture processing tools – picture AI amplification, blurred clear, lossless photos become large without distortion

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