SpringBoot is known to have good genes and can simplify coding, configuration, deployment, monitoring, and is now a must ask in job interviews. Spring Boot is designed to simplify the initial setup and development of new Spring applications. Since the development of Spring in 2002, development and deployment efficiency with Spring has been declining since the advent of SpringBoot. The out-of-the-box and convention over configuration features of SpringBoot solve this problem perfectly.

While Spring is still very beginner friendly, the old saying goes like this: SpringBoot is easy to learn, and while it is easy to do a job interview or build a small framework, it is difficult for beginners to quickly implement SpringBoot technology into a microservice project and deploy it more safely and more frequently. This is not, the Internet Lei Feng (Xiaobao I) today for everyone to bring a copy of Ali brother pro code SpringBoot full stack booklet, the content covers the basic, advanced, actual combat, source code, no matter you work for several years, you can have a look!

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SpringBoot full-stack booklet

Based on article

The base article covers some of the most commonly used features of Spring Boot in a project, including JSON data encapsulation, logging, property configuration, MVC support, online documentation, template engine, exception handling, AOP handling, persistence layer integration, and more.

Content excerpts

Advanced article

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SpringBoot core source code

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The last

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