1. Introduction

Fate and coincidence, recent contact more training institutions out of the people, and read about the training institutions and questions and answers. Although I have not taken classes in training institutions, I have met many people from training institutions and seen some courses of training institutions. I also have my own views on training institutions. Through these experiences, I have written this article, which is to write down my personal opinions on training institutions. This article may be somewhat controversial, if you have different views, you can comment, but the speech hope everyone rational, objective, do not personal attacks!

PS: 1. I am a Web front-end developer, contact people are also web front-end, so the following article, mentioned training institutions may be mainly for the Web front-end! 2. In the article, THERE is a small part of the content about the training institutions, which I know from my friends or net friends, but I have not personally experienced, understood or confirmed. In this case, I will explain in the article.

2. The value of the training institution

On the value of training institutions, personal summary of a few points!

First, the role of a mentor, telling you what you should learn, when confused to be able to give confusion.

Second, the practical role, with the students to do the project, have the opportunity to practice.

Third, the role of network, in the training class can know a lot of people, there is a network.

The above three are a summary of my personal, as for the value maximization to what extent, what effect can be achieved, what results, it depends on the training institutions and students of the nature!

3. The routine of the training institution

Look at the training institutions of the open class, online understanding, and training institutions and students chat these experiences, I summed up, training institutions of some recruitment routines!

1. Hang all kinds of tall and high brand, all kinds of certification enterprises, listed enterprises, there are also said that the lecturer to obtain what certificate and so on.

2. Cooperation with various famous enterprises, such as Meituan, Sina, Sohu and so on, with a lot of brands of big factories.

3. “Contract employment, many training institutions are in the name of contract employment, some even say that the guarantee of employment is more than how much pay, such as 8K, 15K or more.” Come to XXX to study for a few months, the monthly salary is ten thousand “, “come to XXX, let you find a satisfactory company”, “can’t find a job, full refund”, etc. These words, I think we have seen more or less, is a routine, a marketing means.

4. After employment, the salary goes directly to the high level to blow, to hold, 8K, 10K, 15K, even more than 20K. Maybe some of the people who come out of the training institutions can get more than 10K or 20K, but how many people can get it? How long before you get out? How many out of 100 people get it?

5. Recruit students on recruitment websites. When you send your resume online, I believe many people have met some companies’ recruitment, with very low requirements and not bad treatment. When I go to the field interview. The discovery is a training institution, persuade you to pay how much training fee first, assure how much salary can get after finishing learning next. This actually I quite disgusted, hinder me to find a job, go to interview also waste my time!

6. Open class brainwashing (maybe brainwashing is too much of a word, but you know what I mean). A lot of training institutions, there are some open classes on the Internet, audition, free courses and so on. But half of it is about the content of the course, and half of it is brainwashing, that is to say all kinds of words to get you to pay money to attend the training!

7. After talking with some people who have completed the training, I found that some training institutions have a course similar to interview coaching. At first, I thought it was an interview answer technique, but later I found out that it is not what I thought! Interview coaching is about teaching people how to lie (for example, boast about their expertise) and how to lie on their resume (for example, bring two or three years of work experience). But you can think rationally, if it’s really a technical person participating in the interview, how sure do you think you can fool?

4. Views and feelings

1. Views on training institutions

At the beginning of this article, I said that I have met many people from training institutions and seen some courses of training institutions, and I also have my own opinions. As for my opinion, FROM the end of last year to the end of last year, I had some conversations in the Q group. The process is, every once in a while, a person from a training organization will apply for a job in the group. Blow oneself what can, all sorts of master, still bring oneself two or three years work experience and so on behavior, result ask three don’t know! See these people, I really can not help when, I set a question, out of the following is this question, no one can answer. Some retort: You wrote this code at work? Afterwards the process does not say!

var a=3;
function a(){
a();Copy the code

1. People from the training institutions

I don’t have a problem with people from training institutions. However, most of the people I have met from training institutions say they are proficient in various fields and have two or three years of working experience before the foundation is firmly laid. I hate it. It’s so ungrounded!

2. About training institutions

I have nothing against training institutions. After all, training institutions are born for interests, and WHEN I just learned JS, also have seen the video of training institutions, but I dislike training institutions of all kinds of bluff recruitment means, marketing means. Send recruitment information on recruitment website and recruit students; In some training institutions, the mentors or assistants are actually people who have finished training but can’t find a job. Some lecturers are not willing to answer the questions of students, and let others find the answers on the Internet. There are even some so-called teaching where students watch videos; Teach students to lie like packaging resumes. That’s not responsible!

3. Views on community and surroundings

Now, in the online community discussion, there is a wide range of views on training institutions, but what I found is that whether it is the community, net friends or people I know. Most of them are disgusted with the training institutions, including some of the people who came out of the training institutions. If the training institutions and students are very good, how can there be so many markets do not recognize? How can there be so much rejection in the community? How come so many companies don’t want trained people? In my opinion, to be recognized, first of all, the students should study hard, and the training institutions should also be responsible!

4. Status of training institutions

Take the web front-end industry as an example, say the current situation of training institutions, about the Web front-end, it feels that now is oversupply (attached zhaopin 2017.10.11 ranking). I also joined several QQ groups about web front-end recruitment. In 2015, recruitment was flying all over the place. In the past two years, recruitment was few and far between. For such a situation, the credit of training institutions is undoubtedly the biggest. In the training institutions I have known, there are only a handful of people with a conscience. Most of them think it’s unscrupulous, dishonest, and use all kinds of bravado to get in. Training time, many are 4 months, so that the industry in a year to increase at least tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people! I also want to know, a few months of training time, can cultivate a few like the advertisement said, can have such strength or treatment of students? How do you get two or three years of work experience in a few months? Now web front-end people engaged in so many, but the polarization is more serious than I imagined, is generally the company looks up to the job seekers, there will be job seekers look up to the company, resulting in a lot of learning web front-end people can not find a job, some companies can not recruit satisfactory Web front-end!

2. How I feel about the training institution

First, I would like to share with you the experience of a friend of mine

He is an HR for an outsourcing company. Last year, when he was hiring resumes, he saw many resumes with various proficiency, rich project experience, and work experience. So he called to arrange interview time, and made an appointment with a lot of people (knowing that most of these candidates were training institutions), and the following situations often occurred.

1. He made an appointment with some people for interview, but the interviewer criticized him, saying that he did not carefully select the resume and specially selected some unqualified people for interview, which wasted his time!

2. I was always stood up, and I didn’t tell him about the time, the interview, or the entry, so he was still the one to blame. (I learned from him that this situation is not only for the candidates who are trained, but also for self-study and training. If there is any situation, let us know, otherwise HR may suffer.)

3. The most serious is the degree and work experience fraud (he learned that the degree fraud this situation is more common in the training out of the job seekers, self-study, there are also several junior college falsely undergraduate. Work experience fraud is also more common in the training out of the job seekers, self-study and the job seekers have, but not so much), educational companies online a search to find out the true and false, simply can not cheat. Work experience, even if you collude with others, but if the interviewer asks a few words, the probability is very large. Once he gets caught faking, it’s a dead end, and then he’s on the hook again.

Since then, he has not prioritized those resumes when looking for them! He said he didn’t want to be scolded all the time.

The intention of saying this is to be a negative textbook for everyone to learn from. And secondly, it’s not worth doing for my friend. Three to illustrate the following intriguing situation: to go to training institutions, whether on the resume, experience, the impression should be a plus, but now most of the case is a deduction. Who is to blame for this?

Two. Then, summarize my feelings

1. There are many similar resumes of students from the training institutions. They are rich in experience and experience, but in fact, many project experience is a little bit empty, and many of them still understand relatively shallow.

2 extreme is the above mentioned situation: education, work experience, project experience of the false phenomenon, the resume also has a lot of professional technical terms more, but asked when the answer is not much! In particular, it is important to be aware of your technical skills and be confident during the interview, but it is not advisable to be overconfident or overconfident. In addition, would rather appropriately exaggerate some of their technical level, also do not want education, project experience, work experience fraud, especially education and work experience, as long as a search out, there is no chance!

3. Unscrupulous training institutions are everywhere these days, and swash-waving advertisements are on the streets. I hope we know more, consult, learn to identify, choose a reliable training institutions, but really get a high salary, in-depth study, or to rely on their own hard study, study.

4. I also met several people in training. During the training process, they worked very hard and studied deeply.

5.IT industry, training institutions are just an entry way, not a shortcut, to improve themselves, get a high salary, in the industry, or to rely on their own continuous learning, continuous practice!

Personal advice

On the choice of training institutions or learning advice, I simply say, you can also go to the Internet to understand. According to their own needs, understand whether the training institutions are reliable, those training institutions are reliable and so on.

1. Assess whether you need to go to training.

If you are interested in a course, I suggest you first look for online resources (videos, articles, books, etc.). For beginner learning resources, I give the following (there are links below). About half a month or a month or so, evaluating their self-study ability and self-control, if feel to learn their own learning ability and self-control and not particularly bad, also have the time, personal feel to self-study, self-study ways such as watching video, articles, reading a book (I also attached a little tutorial below), etc. Do not need to waste money to sign up for training classes, after all, training institutions are also said to be some very basic things, and even speak less self-study so carefully, and for the same knowledge points of memory, self-study may be more profound than in training institutions!

2. Identify why you want to train, whether you want a higher salary or are interested in taking a relevant course.

If want to go to training institution, we suggest to have a ballpark knowledge to learn, even if it’s own set at home and read a few video or a dozen pages, self-study, in a couple of months so that can let you know whether you are going to learn the knowledge of whether you are interested, if not interested, after work can be very painful, the road will not go too far. Secondly, if there is no foundation in the process of learning in training institutions, you may fall behind, after all, so many people in a class, so many courses, a few months, it is impossible for you to delay the learning progress of the whole class.

3. Think carefully about which training institution you choose.

From a number of aspects (lecturer level, past students quality, reputation, etc.) to compare, consider. Consult others’ views and suggestions more, so as to choose as far as possible their own feel reliable training institutions!

4. Don’t get a loan when you go to a training institution

The training institutions that need loans are not reliable. In the case of training loans, banks generally won’t lend money, and many people are looking for third-party lenders for loans. If unlucky, met the high interest loan institution, this next repayment pressure will be very big, absolutely very big. And to training, are generally some fresh graduates, or people who change careers, most of these economy is not very good, plus they do not know whether the training institutions are reliable, if such a case, also go to the loan training, may really be to dig a hole for their jump.

5. When you don’t understand, you must understand, otherwise it’s easy to fall behind.

When you do not understand, you must understand, no matter what way, try not to leave yourself behind. If really fallen behind, must catch up, is really do not understand, must ask the teacher, since the money, the teacher has the obligation to answer! If you dare not ask the teacher in the training institution, how dare you ask your colleagues in the future?

6. Practice.

Even training institutions, but also a role of guidance, casually look at a training institutions course list, less than 100 knowledge courses, more than almost 300 knowledge courses, a few months (is generally 4 months) time to learn. Time is so short, learn so much, you must be those courses are taught very basic, to in-depth understanding or to rely on their own learning, practice. As I said above: training institutions are just a way to get started, not a shortcut, to improve themselves, get a high salary, in the industry, or to rely on their own. Do not think that as long as the training institutions to learn, will be able to walk on the peak of life, can let yourself on the peak of only their own, not training institutions!

Learn to keep pace with The Times.

Take the Web front end as an example. In recent years, the technology of web front-end has been updated very quickly. When I first started working, jquery was the king. Now, various frameworks, libraries and tools are emerging in endlessly. If you want to make it in this business, you have to keep learning. Speaking of learning, one of my suggestions is to learn the basics well before learning frameworks, libraries and tools (HTML + CSS + JS, below the appendix I have just learned HTML + CSS + JS a little information). Don’t directly learn frameworks, libraries, etc., and ignore the basics!

Just started working, should not care about the treatment, should care about the harvest.

Working at the beginning, they brought and no one is two completely different concepts, they brought, can learn more things faster, little take a lot of detours, harvest will naturally more, so, just start work may be slightly lower wages, but must pay attention to the growth of the company or colleagues can make you better! I don’t recommend people like the ones I’ve worked with before (people who didn’t have a solid foundation, ended up mastering everything, and brought their own two or three years of work experience). This can easily lead to the following situations: 1. If it’s a technical interview, it can easily go wrong, and it can be embarrassing and humiliating. 2. It is easy to give a bad impression of conceited and dishonest. 3. Not good for your job search and growth!

6. The appendix

Below is a simple recommendation of some learning resources, no matter what their own situation, it is recommended to have a look at the following learning resources, understand their own.

If you look at these resources, feel no interest in learning, may not be suitable for contact with this industry.

If you look at these resources and feel that you are interested in learning, and that you can learn to master the knowledge, you may not need to go to a training institution.

If you look at these resources, feel interested, but learn difficult, the knowledge can not master. May go to the training institutions is also a good choice, but choose carefully, because of the current market, the feeling is not reliable training institutions in the majority, so we should be bright eyes to choose a reliable!

Some of the resources THAT I looked at when I started learning

HTML + CSS: W3School, novice tutorial JS: intelligent club javascript video _(1-32)+ source code, “javascript advanced programming”

After learning, there is a need to go over the js design pattern (you can see the following two books), and then learn those frameworks and libraries

“JavaScript Design Patterns” – Zhang Rongming “JavaScript Design Patterns and development practices” – Zeng Chen

Other Recommended resources

HMLT + CSS Web Developer’s Guide to CSS: Getting Started with HTML and CSS: Getting Started with CSS: Getting Started with HTML and CSS

Javascript Introduction (if you have no basic knowledge, this may be a bit of a struggle to get started, but it is useful) the Authoritative Guide to javascript (this advice is a bit of a basic advice, it is a bit of a struggle to get started with this book) javascript You Don’t know

These resources are pretty basic, but if you want more advanced resources, I’ve written an article before that might help you — Personal Sharing — Learning Resources sharing on the Web Front. If not suitable, we can find resources online, basically can find suitable for their own!

So much for training institutions. As for which way you choose, you should make your own decision and choose the one that suits you best! However, no matter which way to choose, if you want to learn something, improve the level of technology, in the industry, the most important thing is to rely on their own efforts to learn! No matter what the background, level, as long as engaged in the Web front end or even IT industry, I hope we all maintain the desire to learn, keep pace with The Times to learn! Only in this way can the industry foothold, will not be eliminated.

7. Summary

My personal view of training institutions, probably here. Whether to train an institution to be reliable, whether to suggest to study, here I say not much, the opinion also maintains neutrality! But when you go to study, remember to consider carefully and choose! Finally, no matter whether you choose to study in a training institution or not, if you want to further study or grow and gain a foothold in the industry, you have to rely on your own hard study. The most important thing is to practice more, so that you can have more harvest and better growth! Finally, if you have any different views, you can leave a rational message in the comments below, we exchange opinions!