As we all know, under normal circumstances, the computer WeChat client can only open one WeChat, if the second click can not open the second. How does WeChat allow a client to open multiple WeChats?

Each time WeChat starts, it calls: OpenMutexA(). WeChat has its own mutex name. Each time this function is called, if the function returns true, it is found and WeChat has opened one. He refused to open the second one. If you don’t find it, you open a new WeChat, and that’s how it works.


In OD (as shown below), use the shortcut Ctrl+G and pop up the search for CreateMutew (WeChat is wide character). After the search, press the breakpoint.

After the breakpoint, find the function, which takes three arguments: the mutex name, the bool value, and the null he wrote

Then use CE to find his name and change his mutex name, as shown in the figure below:

After you change it, cancel the breakpoint in OD and automatically start a WeChat. Then in their own computer, click WeChat icon, open, open another WeChat. So you open two WeChats, and you open multiple WeChats.

At present, most of the functions have been realized, and the operation is stable, such as: sending various messages,

Receive all kinds of messages, group management, download files, add friends, detect zombie fans and other functions,

Interface can be provided to facilitate the secondary development of various languages, welcome technical exchanges, do not be used for commercial purposes.