[Out of the box templates using series of tutorials] will show you how to quickly enable the various types of stitching template. In today’s second lecture, we will introduce the use of the template of Customer Comments Feedback Form.

Out of the box template using series of tutorials will show you how to quickly enable the stitch-up to provide various templates. In the first lecture today, we will introduce the use of the template of the Customer Comments Feedback Form.

In daily business operations, we often need to interact and communicate with customers. In the early days, enterprises usually pay attention to the next Email address: let users feedback their opinions and suggestions through Email. Now with the customizable Customer Feedback Form template, we can quickly launch an application to collect customer feedback, as well as data Kanban for comment analysis. Let’s learn how to use this template to create a customer-specific feedback form. _ (out of the box with _ “Customer Comments Feedback Form __” click)

Enable the template

1. Click the link to open the template page

https://www.aliwork.com/newApp.html? SPM = a1z8c1. 13664159.0.0.1 a3a6ddbgAuyUw # / template/TPL \ _TN6O2YC6Z0Y2MLU1XW4P? \_k=12c9zf

2. To enable

Create an app name and click OK to enter the app homepage.

Configuration instructions

1. Create a custom page

You can select the template you want or skip straight to the edit page (I chose work template 1 as an example).

(1) Add containers, layout containers and other components

When you go to the edit page, you can delete all the components you don’t need. Drag and drop a container, then a layout container, and then drag and drop a grouping component in the layout container to change the grouping title. Within the grouping component is another container. Within the container are two link blocks. Within each link block is another container, which can hold images and text. The outline tree in the upper left allows you to view the layout status of the page, and the styles on the right allow you to set the width, height and center properties.

(2) Set text

To set the spacing between the text and the image, you need to set the text’s margin property

(3) Jump to other form pages through custom pages

Find the link block inside the outline tree, find the property on the right, select the external link, set the link address, the address here is the address of the page to jump to, copy is the address here

At this time, we can turn on a no-access function through sharing in the setting of the home page, so that visitors can also participate in the feedback.

Refer to the document application sharing: https://www.yuque.com/yida/support/sstrtz

2. Create a report page

(1) First drag and drop a date-filtering component to set the dataset, values, and default values

(2) Drag and drop a filter component to set the data set and value of the filter component

(3) then in the following page into the column component, in the column component into the table and the new pie chart two components, can make the view more convenient

The outline tree of the report page is on the right, so it is easier to view it directly or select it

(4) Select the table component, set the selected data set, link the collected data with the table, and display the data through conditional screening

(5) The same is true for the pie chart. Set the corresponding conditions and display them. Finally, click Save

Through this simple modification, a simple HR service center can be quickly online. Go to the PC side and click on the “Customer Feedback Form __” template to experience it!

Appendix: Form description in the application

1. Home page (custom page)

This page is a custom page, showing the application template of customer feedback management, respectively, feedback, data analysis

2. Feedback (form page)

3. Feedback management page (data management page)

4. Statistics (report page)

Welcome to pay attention to “suitable” service window

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