Oracle’s main learning resource is absolutely dry – the DBA path

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1、     TomKyte

Oracle Oracle’s Tom Kyte website.

A lot of questions can be found here the answer, of course, is to pass English.


2、     Metalink


Metalink is Oracle’s official technical support site at

Now the website address changed to:

It’s called My Oracle Support, MOS for short, MOS for everyone now.


3. Oracle official documentation

You can download it from ORACLE website, but you also need to pass English test.



4. Tom Kyte books

Oracle Expert Advanced Programming

Oracle Efficient Design

“The Art of Programming into Database Architecture”



5、     ITPUB

ITPUB is one of the largest forum websites for technical exchanges in China. ITPUB specializes in the discussion of database, ERP, technical development, operating system, network and other technical issues. It has 800,000 registered users.




Tigerfish blog homepage…



7. Eygle



8. Think twice about blogging…