Oppo will support the technological development of artificial intelligence and data, and work with partners to build a fair, strong and healthy open source ecosystem for AI.

On June 22, 2021, Oppo officially joined the LF AI & Data Foundation as a Platinum Member of the Council. In the future, Oppo will work with other senior members to build a leading global AI and data open source community and accelerate the innovative development and practical application of AI and data technology.

The LF AI & Data Foundation was founded by the Linux Foundation in March 2018 and currently has 49 cross-industry members. The foundation aims to promote the open source of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data systems and other fields, and promote the application of technologies through collaborative innovation, so that the dividends of technologies can benefit everyone.

With the mission of “Technology for the People, for the Good of the World”, OPPO has always been actively advocating open technology, striving to create an inclusive ecological environment, and empowering each other and making progress together with developers and industry partners in the era of Internet of Everything, which is exactly the same philosophy that LF AI & Data Foundation adheres to. In recent years, Oppo has continued to invest in artificial intelligence and data technology. Through the development and application of core technologies such as conversational AI assistant, machine learning, personalized recommendation algorithm, cloud and data services, security and privacy, Oppo Shuizhi engineering system better serves global users and mobile developers. With joining the LF AI & Data Foundation, Liam Zheng and Dr. Jimin Jia, senior technical experts from OPPO, will serve as representatives of the Board of Directors and the Technical Advisory Committee, respectively, to actively communicate and collaborate with other industry partners to explore the best practices of open source technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence and big Data.

Dr Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of the LF AI & Data Foundation, said: “I am delighted that Oppo will join the Foundation as one of the highest ranking members of the Board of Governors. For a long time, the foundation has been encouraging open source development of technologies, and is committed to creating a sustainable open source ecosystem to make the integration of artificial intelligence and data technology easier and more reliable. As a like-minded partner, Oppo also continues to strive to build healthy and sustainable ecosystems. Once again, we warmly welcome Oppo as a member at the highest level and look forward to working together to drive growth and innovation in the open source community in the future.”

All along, OPPO has always been in the forefront of technological openness and cooperation, and regards diversified discussion and inclusion of technology as an inexhaustible driving force for innovation, so that everyone can enjoy the leading experience brought by technological progress. In June 2020, Oppo became the first Platinum Member of OpenChain under the Linux Foundation as a representative of a Chinese enterprise, playing a huge role in establishing the first global open source ecosystem by participating in the development of the open source ISO licensing standard. During the Oppo Developer Conference in October of the same year, Oppo Coloros released a total of seven systems capability open engines to build more open systems and collaborative user experiences for developers and ecosystem partners through open source. In March 2021, the number of monthly active users of Oppo’s artificial intelligence assistant “Xiaobu” exceeded 100 million, becoming the first mobile phone voice assistant in China with over 100 million active users in a month. Xiaobu assistant team, together with AI research teams from Tsinghua University and Beijing Zhiyuan Research Institute, jointly released the largest Chinese dialogue data set so far in June this year, providing solid basic data support for technical research in the field of dialogue and interaction.

On the road to becoming an eco-company, Oppo is trying to explore and create an open and integrated ecosystem that everyone can benefit from, bringing new intelligent experiences. In the future, Oppo will continue to establish deeper cooperation with the global open source community and benefit more consumers through the sustainable development and continuous implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

About the OPPO

Oppo launched its first “smiley phone” in 2008, starting a journey to explore and lead technology to the United States. Today, Oppo has enabled consumers around the world to enjoy the most beautiful technology with its multi-intelligent terminal products, Coloros operating system, and Internet services such as Oppo Cloud and Oppo + with the Find X series and Reno series mobile phones as the core. Oppo operates in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, with six research institutes and five research and development centers, and a global design center in London. More than 40,000 Oppo employees work together to create a better life for people.