1. Enable shell and SSH functions on the ESXi host

Two, firewall

1. Log in to the ESXi host over SSH

Esxcli network firewall ruleset list Lists all enabled ports

2. Modify the configuration file

[root @ localhost:] chmod 777 / etc/vmware/firewall/service. The XML add permissions [root @ localhost: ] chmod + t/etc/vmware/firewall/service. The XML to add attributes/root @ localhost: ~ vi/etc/vmware/firewall/service. The XML change file

3. Add the following content in the red box for custom ports

Refresh the list

[root@localhost:] esxcli network firewall refresh [root@localhost:] esxcli network firewall ruleset list|grep vnc

Refresh the Web page

Activate VNC

1. Connect the VM to VNC, log in to the ESXi host, and edit the VM

2. Add parameters

RemoteDisplay.vnc.enable true RemoteDisplay.vnc.port 666

Create and manage Clusters

1, the introduction

2. DRS introduction and experiment

Five, the experiment

1. Enable DRS

2. Create vm groups

3. Create a host group

4. Experimental requirement 1

5. Experiment requirement 3