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Codo is a cloud management platform that provides users with enterprise multi-hybrid cloud, automatic operation and maintenance, and completely open source.

The CODO front end is developed based on Vue IView to provide users with a friendly operation interface and enhance user experience.

The Codo backend is developed based on Python Tornado, which has the advantages of being lightweight, clean, asynchronous and non-blocking.

CODO open source multi-cloud management platform will provide users with many functions: ITSM, RBAC based access system, Web Terminnal login log audit, video playback, powerful job scheduling system, CMDB, monitoring and alarm system, DNS management, configuration center, etc

Product architecture

Product features


We provide Demo for users to experience, which can be quickly experienced.

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  • User: demo
  • Password: 2 zbfynv9wibwcr7gb6kcey

Begin to use

Note: Due to the complexity of micro-service deployment, we only support distributed step-by-step deployment at present, is not updated for the time being, and other rapid deployment methods will be provided later, please be noted.

  • The official documentation
  • Update log
  • Rapid experience
  • Distributed deployment documentation

Module link

In CODO project, we use modularization and micro-service. The following are the addresses of each module. Meanwhile, we welcome all interested leaders in the industry to contribute

  • Front-end code: CODO
  • Administrative backend: codo-admin
  • Timed quests: codo-cron
  • Task scheduling: codo-task
  • Asset Management: CODO – CMDB
  • Configuration Center: Codo-Kerrigan
  • Operation and maintenance tools: codo-tools
  • Domain name management: codo- DNS

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