Simple Dashboard (a Simple Dashboard)

Why is it simple? In fact, this Dashboard does not use any advanced technology. The core of it is calculation. A core coordinate point calculation formula has been shared on my blog before: “draw a circle by hand with the center and radius of the circle -C#/WF”.

A Dashboard

The display is good, and the style is a case study of PowerBI. All the colors are interchangeable.

Customized Property

Expected (Expected)

Identifies the upper limit of the dashboard.

Real (achieved value/progress value)

BottomTitleColor (BottomTitleColor)

Refers to the font color at the bottom of the text.

BottomTitleFont (BottomTitleFont)

Font refers to the font of the bottommost text.


This is not the actual Angle of the pointer, but it is related to the size of the pointer. The larger the value is, the larger the pointer is. The maximum value cannot exceed 200.

IndicatorColor (pointer color)

This property refers to the color of the pointer.

IndicatorFill (Filled pointer)

Identifies whether the pointer is single line or filled. The default is filled, as shown above. Set False to single line, as shown below.

InnerBackground (Inner circle fill color)

Refers to the internal measurement of the arc background color, non-center circle.

OuterColor (outer circle line color)

Refers to the color of the light blue line on the outside as shown.

InnerColor (inner circle line color)

Refers to the color of the dark blue line on the inside as shown.

InnerRoundColor (fill color of the center circle)

Refers to the background color of the center circle

ProgressColor (progress bar color)

Refers to the current color of the progress bar

ProgressDisplayModel (Progress bar display mode)

The default mode is Inner mode, and there are three options: Inner, Center, and Fill. Three modes are shown below:



The Fill:

ScaleExpectedColor (expected scale color)

As indicated in the figure, identify colors that do not reach the time and scale values.

Override Property

In addition to the properties overridden above, some properties inherited from Control are used.


Title content in the middle of the dashboard.

ForeColor (Text color)

The Title color in the middle of the dashboard.

Font (text style)

The Title font in the middle of the dashboard.

The last

In general, the customization is relatively high, you can freely match colors, interface effect reference from PowerBI, other content is original, please specify the source of forwarding!


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