I. In-floor Funds and OTC Funds

Through the previous study, we all know about the fund and the investment, many students are interested in the investment fund, and then want to raise the golden goose and lay the golden eggs in this way. Wait slowly, let us understand first, what does the channel that casts fund have definitively. Even if it is simple to understand the fixed cast, there are also a lot of ways ~ today we first understand the index fund fixed cast of the poundage of the problem.

What is on and off the pitch?

What is the market, the so-called market, is the stock market, is also the stock market that we usually say. The stock market can trade not only stocks, but also bonds, funds and other securities. We refer to the transactions made through the securities market (stock market) as floor trading. Transactions outside this channel are collectively referred to as over-the-counter transactions.

The specific channel of fund investment

We buy a fund a total of 4 kinds of channels: 1, securities company 2, bank 3, fund company 4, third-party sales platform. 1 is the inside channel, 2~4 is the outside channel. What’s the difference between the inside and outside channels? Let’s look at the bank first. This is the rate of the Bank of China. This is a discount, 30% off on the basis of 1.2%. That’s 0.72%, or 72 per 10,000. This is the rate of the construction bank. There is no discount for this, 1.2%, 120 per 10,000. Look at the fund company fund company official website usually also discount, but only the fund of his own home. Optional fund scope is little, cut the graph of company of a few fund to everybody. Now you can see that even if you use a preferential bank card to buy, the rate is at least 40% off, and if you use their current pass, the rate is at least 10% off. We do not compare the four discount, choose the lowest discount 1 discount, 1 discount how much? 0.15%, 15 per 10,000. Look at the third party sales platform

This is everyday of fund platform, cost rate hits one fold, ten thousand of 12. This is the ant gather treasure platform, the rate is also a discount, is also ten thousand of 12.

So summarize the over-the-counter cost, only look at the lowest cost, respectively about the bank: about 72 million fund companies: about 15 million other sales agencies: To sum up, fund companies, third-party platforms and banks, the relationship between the three of them is probably the relationship between specialty stores, department stores that love discounts and state-run stores that increase prices without adding volume.

Based on the fund

We will compare, the bank is applied for purchase fee ten thousand 72, the third party platform ten thousand 12, the exchange inside the field is commonly ten thousand 3, the cooperative broker that long cast is ten thousand 1. Now, you know what’s the biggest benefit of an exchange fund? A big advantage of the market fund is cheap! We calculate, if we buy 10 thousand yuan fund, explain through the bank buy, poundage 72~120 yuan, tripartite platform 12 yuan, trade inside the field 1~3 yuan, see this difference? We decide cast, decide to cast the poundage that produces through the bank and trade inside the field, can difference at most 100 times! As we talked about in compound interest, the biggest cost of investing is the fee, the same fund, the same time, the same principal, very different. Therefore, in the initial stage of investment, it is very necessary to choose a broker with low commission.

To sum up: off-site advantages: convenience, no need to open a stock account. You can set the date for automatic casting. Advantages: low commission fees, cheap, cheap, cheap. Just need their own setting, manual fixed shot. For example, you agree that every month on the 1st inside the field fixed cast, so you can set a reminder event, to that day, you yourself go manually fixed cast a fund.

Second, open an account

Many friends can’t wait to open an account, but! The first class to take you to see the pit in the account

The first big pit: high commission

Talk about the commission that opens an account first, commission is poundage meaning, we operate on the stock market, every trade is to want to hand in poundage to stockholder company. The cheaper the commission is when you open an account, the lower your transaction costs will be and the more cost-effective it will be. Opening an account involves two main commissions: stocks and funds. Say the stock first, Securities Regulatory Commission sets threshold of stock commission lowest 5 yuan, every trades less than 5 yuan to press 5 yuan to hand in. Explain stock lowest threshold what meaning is 5 yuan, no matter transaction volume has namely how much, have a minimum commission forehead, even if you buy 100, spent more than 200 yuan only, your poundage lowest also wants 5 yuan. Now because of the fierce competition between the brokers, generally not higher than three thousand, of course, fifty-eight thousand also have, three thousand is playing rogue. Some brokers will do less than 10, 000, this is rare. So my friends, the fact of commission is to pay attention to!! The poundage that finishes the stock, the poundage of the fund again, the commission of the fund inside the field follows the commission of the stock is similar, it is 10 thousand 3 left and right sides commonly, highest can reach 3 thousandths, and same as the stock, major broker has the restriction of lowest 5 yuan. But, the key has come, the fund that long casts cooperative broker trades is to do not have minimum 5 yuan limit! Therefore, in the trading floor of the fund is very advantageous. Buying and selling 100 yuan fund, long investment cooperative brokerages’ handling fee is 10 wool, 1/10000, the same trading 100 yuan fund, other brokerages’ handling fee is 5 yuan, 5%. So, the gap is very big, in the fund trading this piece, long investment cooperation brokerage really can be said to be affordable home.

The second biggest pit: incidental expenses

In addition to the pit of commission rates, there is another pit. In our transaction, besides the commission, we also have handling fee and supervision fee, which is called regulation fee. Some have the broker of sincerity to be able to contain these charges in the poundage of 10 thousand 3 thousand, a lot of collect additionally, and also do not tell you, silently buckle money. Many of the incidental fees we see in trading software refer to handling fees and supervision fees. So when opening an account, might as well ask the client manager, whether the commission includes fees. Generally speaking, if you ask, the account manager will answer truthfully, as long as you ask, the account manager will think you understand.

The third big pit: superposition package

Of course, jump over two potholes, you think there is no more? Just as the so-called one pit is higher than the one pit, there is a third pit! The third pit is the fabled “stack package”. Superposition package is more chicken ribs, these superposition package will give some information and so on, but get these information, often means that your commission will be much more expensive! For example, the premium package costs three thousand yuan. The best thing to do is not to have these combo meals. Okay, about the channel that fund is fixed cast and open an account those pits, say here about the same.

Three little questions

1. When is the stock market open for trading? The stock market is closed on all Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, but only on Mondays and Fridays. The market will open from 9:30 to 15:00 and the lunch break will be from 11:30 to 13:00. That is, the morning trading time is 9:30-11:30, afternoon trading time is 13:00-15:00. Lunch break time can declare, but our trade is clinch a deal not of, want to clinch a deal after 1 o ‘clock in the afternoon.

2. When trading, what are the requirements for the quantity? Stock and fund 100 are 1 hand, buy quantity must be 100 and its integer times, for instance 100, 200 such.

3. The last step is to open an account. We often say open an account, generally refers to the opening of securities accounts. Our country divides deep city, Shanghai city two stock market, open commonly two. It is equivalent to our negotiable securities passbook, the negotiable securities category that uses at recording us to hold and quantity, buy the fund inside stock, field for instance, operation national debt reverse repurchase, need to use, resemble our id card same ~ (one) why should open an account?

Opening a stock account is a prerequisite for investors to enter the stock market. Action is to be able to buy stock, fund inside the field, national debt, enterprise debt, convertible debt, national debt reverse repurchase, very rich.

In October 2016, China Settlement issued a new policy. The specific content of the revision is the opening and maintenance of five securities accounts, including the reduction of the upper limit of securities accounts per investor from 20 to 3 (no matter where you open them, there are only 3 accounts). As of August 2016, the number of stock accounts on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges had reached 190 million. Shareholders are more and more, we are when leek or cut leek? Where can I open an account?

1. Go to the business hall of the securities company nearby; 2. Open an account online (on the broker's PC website or mobile APP).

Let’s talk about the most convenient, is to use the brokerage mobile APP to open an account. You need to prepare: 1) ID card (to prove your identity); 2. A mobile phone with a camera (video is needed to confirm one’s identity and voluntarily open an account). 3. Bank card (to transfer funds). In the broker’s PC website account with this is much the same, in accordance with the process can be, the difference is that the computer is equipped with a camera, microphone, headset. After opening an account, it is to need brokerage audit, about 1-3 days passed. This account, ah, with the registration of Taobao account, Taobao account you will register, that securities account must be no problem, the general page has hints, we follow the tips step by step. There is no need to queue up to open an account online, you can do it at any time, convenient and fast, the major securities companies will not leak user information, or relatively safe, but also more popular, the future will be more mature. In the past stock account need poundage, now, a lot of securities companies compete with each other, for new customers, have not collected poundage account. If you open an account, the securities company will charge dozens of yuan, you must resolutely object or change another. (three) how to choose a brokerage? 1, than the commission: the same purchase of 10,000 yuan of the fund, the lower the commission, the more you buy the fund share, the less the loss; 2, than the brand/scale/industry level: general big brand securities, can also; 3. Service comparison: whether the customer manager’s service is in place or not.