Representation (Nginx log)

upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream

Looking at the error reporting request in the browser shows 502 Bad Gateway

Solution: Change the global configuration (in HTTP) to: proxy_buffer_size 16K; proxy_buffers 16 16k; proxy_busy_buffers_size 32k; It’s normal. (This is the default configuration, making this space larger)

Proxy_buffer_size: proxy_buffer_size the_size

Default: proxy_buffer_size 4K / 8K Optional context: HTTP, server, location This directive sets the buffer size where the first part of the response from the proxy back-end server will be placed.

Proxy_buffers syntax: proxy_buffers the_number is_size;

Default value: proxy_buffers 8 4K / 8K; Optional context: HTTP, Server, Location This directive sets the size and number of buffers to which responses retrieved from the proxied back-end server will be placed. By default, the size of a buffer is equal to the size of the memory page, which may be 4K or 8K depending on the platform.

Proxy_busy_buffers_size syntax: proxy_busy_buffers_size size;

Default: proxy_busy_buffers_size proxy_buffer_size * 2; Optional contexts: HTTP, Server, Location

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