Recently, I received the mid-year summary activities of gold mining. I generally summarize, review and reflect on myself at the end of the year. I have combed and summarized the past half year. Do not know their own position and goals without summary. A person with a goal should write a summary, without a summary is muddled. After half a year, it seems that the half has not changed and is empty

Looking back

Such as the title of the article, a lot of friends are for the title of the “new dad” attracted in, procedural ape expression is always different. Describe the Baby in a piece of code. Thank you, darling. Hard work. I feel motivated as a new dad. In the work and study have a positive energy.

Baby baby = new Baby();
baby.birthday = "2021-03-09";"girl";
baby.welcomWord="Hello World";
Copy the code

All right, let’s go back to the first half of 2021.


At the beginning of January 2021, when I was communicating with my friends, I wanted to make an open source system together. One is for the convenience of their own use, and the other is to learn new technology, improve the level of technology. After the Spring Festival, I went back home for vacation, but the project has been slow to progress. I still have time to work on it. Try to improve as soon as possible. During the Spring Festival holiday in February, I began to maintain the public account at home, and tried to send technical blog posts, and exchange technical blog forwarding and drainage skills and experience with technical friends. In early March, the number of people on the official account exceeded 300. In April, the two small programs I maintained exceeded 1500 people respectively. In early May, I began to prepare for the computer technology and software professional technical qualification (level) exam. I studied on and off for more than half a month and hurried to the battlefield with unknown results. In response to the call of the country, China received COVID-19 vaccine in the first half of the year, with no adverse reactions. China has received more than 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine, which is amazing for China.


The first half of the year was busy. Due to the nature of the work, all the development work and basic services in the first half of the year were prepared for 618. Dragon Boat Festival eve, have been used to 996 days, after the Dragon Boat Festival, sprint 618 moment, the system also perfect resist this “battle”. As I was responsible for the service related to the order center, I shouldered a huge burden. Of course, I also met many like-minded partners in my spare time, and often shared technology and work experience together. Battalion of iron, soldiers of running water. The same is true in the workplace, where old faces leave and new ones come in. Mingle with your classmates.


In early May, I studied for the software designer exam for about half a month. I briefly reviewed the video and made some notes. I also reviewed the data structure, database system, design pattern, development process and basic algorithm. Here are some study notes.

Computer composition principle and architecture

Database system

Data structure and algorithm foundation

To rule out advertising, other mind maps are stuck. The more you learn, the more you find you can’t, the more you need to work hard.

To the present

The year 2021 is already half over. At present, two small programs have nearly 3000 people, interest is the best mentor, if you have a good idea, creativity, you can code out. The process is more important than the result. Now I have made the following we-media

Gold Mining platform is the first writing platform for technical blog posts since the media began. Since June, I have created 3 columns, among which I set up a personal technical blog from scratch, and the reading volume is very high. Thanks for the recommendation of my operating partners. Of course, we will export more and better works according to the fans’ love.

It should be a future

Along the way, on the road of technology; Stop to rest, is more and like-minded students to exchange learning, in order to go further. Looked up at the sky, to see the dark clouds in the crevices of the mottled sunshine, picked up the courage and confidence to move forward; Looking back at the road, think about what left behind, what can be left behind, as long as the mind is relaxed, any give up is a kind of effort. Go firmly, after all, dream in the distance, the future in the distance.

The second half of 2021

  1. Gold Digger Blog level to level 5
  2. Notary number export dry goods article
  3. Upgrade the technical architecture
  4. 5 technology sharing sessions with like-minded students
  5. Blog site daily live 1000+
  6. Salary + + +

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