Introduction to the

Naive Ui Admin is based on Vue3, Vite2,TypeScript, and uses Naive Ui component libraries to form an out-of-the-box solution for the middle and back end. Naive Ui Admin adheres to the design and development conventions of Naive Ui components, with a unified style. Comprehensive components and convenient tools will make it easy for you to work at your fingertips, with more features on the way.

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Naive Ui Admin GitHub

The online preview

Online access address Password Enter any password (screen lock password is also included)


  • Latest technology stack: developed using front edge technologies such as Vue3/ Vite2
  • TypeScript: The language for application-level JavaScript
  • Topic: A configurable topic
  • Mock Data Built-in Mock data scheme
  • Permission Built-in complete dynamic routing permission generation scheme
  • Component Encapsulates commonly used components


  • ✨ the Features

  • Menu Mode (left/top)
  • Permissions (fixed role/dynamic routing menu)
  • Theme (dark/light) reference Naiveui features, dark theme/custom components, dark theme is easy to pinch
  • System theme (10 safe colors, toggle preview, customizable)
  • Navigation style (3, can match freely, dark side/white side and banner/dark side and top banner)
  • Multi-tab, persistent, drag and drop, close, fixed, adaptive scrolling left and right
  • Bread crumbs, ICONS, sub – menu drop-down linkage display
  • Nice lock screen interface
  • Online drawer configuration (Layout Preview)
  • Master console, I wrote it down briefly. I can read it
  • The workbench is randomly stroked (don’t want to write style) with tailwindcss
  • Echarts, the official website is very full of examples, nothing good wanking
  • Main console, workbench, adaptive support
  • Left menu screen visible width <=950
  • Whether the footer is displayed is configurable
  • Add page cache, demo page > Workbench > Dynamic Card > input box


  • [x] Nice lock screen
  • [x] Digital animation
  • [x] Basic table
  • [x] Upload the image
  • [x] Slider verification code
  • Ongoing development…

Results show

  • The login

  • Master station

  • The workbench

  • Menu permissions

  • Role authorization

  • Forms/Details

  • Lock screen

  • Project configuration

  • The dark theme

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