1. The background

Use this article to record my process of learning mysql.

2. Knowledge

MySQL is a small relational database management system. It has the characteristics of small size, fast speed and low cost.

Mysql is an open source database, divided into community edition and enterprise edition. The community edition is free, but the official technical support is not provided.


  • Speed is fast
  • The price for free
  • Easy to use
  • Portability, support Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Rich interface and support for multiple development languages.
  • Supports standard SQL syntax
  • security

Json support is available as of Ver 5.7.

Mysql provides a common related tool mysqld: is the mysql daemon server. Clients can’t access it until it’s up and running. Mysql: An interactive command line tool to query statements. Mysqlbinlog: utility for reading statements from binary logs.

3. The installation

Create MySQL container and set remote connection in MysqlDocker

4. The extension

MySQL: Set the time zone

5. Reference: