1, the preface

Everybody is good! I am Meng

Some time ago, I was honored to be invited by one of my partners to publish an article with the theme of “What I have learned from software testing over the years”. I took this opportunity to make a good summary.

2. Test training

For software testing, I do not know what it is before the training, only know that there is software development, and then know that there is software testing industry.

At the beginning, I was also wondering whether to do development or testing. After being brainwashed by the admission teacher of the testing institution for many times, I began the training trip of software testing. At that time, there were only a few test training institutions, which were basically institutions, few individuals, training institutions were offline, and few online. The training price is also over ten thousand, with the current training institutions about the same, but also a few thousand cheaper.

Looking back, there was very little content in the course at that time. Most of the content was about test theory, test case analysis, test process and so on. The actual practice of the project was also a simple example. I have taught some tools, such as QC, a defect management tool, which is now basically using Zen And JIRA, etc. Automation tools teach QTP, which only a few large companies can afford to use, using open-source tools such as Selenium and Cypress. Competent companies develop their own automation tools. Performance tools teach LoadRunner. Although LoadRunner has rich report presentation, its volume is too large and it charges fees. Many companies have begun to use JMeter and other open source tools for performance testing. In fact, teaching only teaches how to use software, for performance analysis and so on, there is little, can only be in the later work to accumulate experience. The training period is about 4 months, the same as the current institutions.

With the overall development of testing industry, the present institutional teaching content is more, in addition to the basic test theory, test methods, automation, performance, project of actual combat, will also teach some such as security, open, front-end and back-end, of course, have a good body, also can have the teaching quality more bad of the institutions, intend to small white, and intermediate test personnel training, Ask more questions and do more research on the quality of teaching, otherwise you will not only lose money, but also waste your time.

3. Work experience

After the training, I started to send out my resume to find a job. Unfortunately, it happened to be the economic crisis. Every morning, I woke up and the first thing I did was send out my resume, but I didn’t even get an interview. Fortunately, I got the offer in the first interview, and then I started to enter the software testing industry. It is basically the same as all the people who just stepped into this industry. Although they are trained, there are still some differences in the actual work, which is to continue to grow in difficulties.

In the next job until the present job, of this company, those who send abroad have been to, those who work overtime and those who do not work overtime have also been to, compare fortunately is, still really had not been to 996 the sort of company. For the assignment and the headquarters, in fact, have their own advantages and disadvantages, the assignment position is generally better, come to work; And this position tend to be two rounds to the interview for expatriate tend to have a kind of have no experience of the sense of belonging, and the company is different, the enterprise culture is strong, also can’t one-sided said assignment is not good, at least some of the assignments salary is more than the department of, to be eager to enter the software testing industry, the rapid new project experience, expatriate is preferred, But also with the growth of age, stability is the best embodiment, this time the advantages of the department is reflected, but also with the development of the overall industry, the humanistic care of expatriate also improved a lot, so what type of company to enter, or to their own actual needs can be set out.

4. Industry selection

After so many years of work, I have been involved in other industries besides the basic software industry, as well as petroleum, Internet, finance and the current automobile industry. Although the industries are different, they are all within the scope of software testing, because now in car companies, they will also do some real car testing. I have been in oil industry, because it is a traditional industry, SO I know that it is not so busy, very idle; On the Internet and finance, overtime is essential.

For the choice of industry, this depends on the current which is more suitable for their own, or they want to which industry development. Special fire remember a few years ago the financial industry, especially the P2P make money very much, look from the job salary, high unthinkable, after all is risky investment, with P2P BaoLei events after fall one by one, some of the core technical personnel are locked up, look at selected industry also has some risk, although the risk is very small.

From last year to this year many technology companies are bullish on the automobile industry, the mobile phone industry is no longer a sunrise industry, many technology companies think next goal draught is cars, but with the traditional car companies, such as rebuild engine, this is the direction of the technology can no longer continue to innovation, it should start from where? Autonomous driving, intelligent cockpit, Internet of vehicles and other technologies, these technology companies have advantages in these technologies, so what industry to choose is not only your favorite, but also the future trend.

5. Career development

There are four career paths for testers:

A. Take the technical route and be a technical bull. Of course, we should learn something new with the development of the industry, otherwise the elimination is just around the corner.

B. Take the management route, test leader, test manager, test director, etc., in addition to the necessary test skills, management is also a knowledge, here not only refers to a person, but a team, multiple teams, etc.

C. Transfer positions, such as products, projects, pre-sales, sales, technical support, etc., which should be familiar to better integrate into.

D. Starting a business, inheriting a family business, etc., but not developing in the testing industry.

6. Vocational skills

Most testers start out as functional testers and move on to automation, performance, testing, security, and more as their skills improve.

Now automation is still relatively hot, especially in the company, the real landing and use of automation, is the best value.

For performance, I always feel that the performance of the pit is too deep, too many things to learn, entry is more easy, JMeter, LoadRunner pressure after then you can see some performance indicators, but the indicators represent what, what, these have to have some knowledge of network know, system, database, system architecture of knowledge such as precipitation.

Test development is very similar to automation, but can be independent development tools, front and back end, platform and so on, in fact, is development, but is to serve the needs of testers, development test auxiliary tools and systems.

Safety this is actually very rich scene, but most only know a fur, this is very difficult, especially the safety experts of such and such a large factory, salary can be imagined. In my before a company, company technology director comes out from baidu namely, do safety namely, in Baidu when already was annual salary million at least.

7. Learning ability

The learning ability mentioned here is actually self-control, which is very important for the growth of one’s ability.

Many people have said, want to learn this want to learn that, but say that there is no time, in fact, time is squeezed out, even if there is half an hour a day to study and tidy up, the amount of accumulation is very terrible. Still have namely learn to sort out notes, the problem that encounter is solved, conveniently sort out notes a few, can be helpful. There is also a small partner to watch some teaching videos, especially when you want to knock on the code, do not just watch, to watch while knocking, so that you will have an impression. Learn to use keywords to search for problems and information. Often after the end of a project and before the start of the next one, there is a gap period, many friends always feel that there is no task, do not know what to do, in fact, this time is the best for learning.

8. Education is important

For the hardware of the job, academic degree is very important, good academic degree is to be able to enter big factory, state-owned enterprise, institution easily, especially 985, 211 of a degree, graduate student, even doctor.

So to have the ability and want to continue to study undergraduate friends, you can try to take an examination of postgraduate; And for college students, the current recruitment degree at least is an undergraduate course, and now there are many educational training institutions, you can take an examination of an undergraduate course, promote yourself, to the post development after there are some help.

9. Side business

We all have this problem when we reach an age group, and that’s the age limitation, not just in IT, but in other industries.

Before that, try to do something to pave the way for the future. For example, sideline is different from starting a business. Sideline is your second job. What can you do with it? Some good technology, began technical training; Some have joined the “we media”, especially now is the so-called traffic era, Douyin, Kuaishou, public account, etc., traffic is equal to the opportunity to make money; Some open a small shop, hire people or family members to take care of their work at ordinary times, and then take care of themselves on weekends.

The total category of sideline many, here are examples of these, have the ability to have an idea of small partners can consider to try, after all, the opportunity is to prepare people. If you have a good side business and are looking for someone to join, you can talk to me.

10 and the end

To sum up some of my feelings are some of my views and experiences, I hope to help you.

Let’s work together, come on!

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