How do you know Sivo

Recently I heard that it has been the ninth anniversary of Sifl. I opened my personal homepage and found that I joined Sifl for the first time in 2016. At that time, I was still in my junior year, studying front-end technology hard in school every day.

Five years have passed in a flash. At that time, I often encountered some problems. After searching on Baidu, the top CSDN was always some meaningless copy and paste content, which could not solve my problem at all. Then one day, I found a website called SegmentFault. I thought the name was interesting at the time. It was similar to the name of StackOverflow. After all, both of these are common mistakes that beginners of programming often encounter.

Start exporting at Sifor

Stroll Si Nou strolls much, discover inside the person to talk very good, have a lot of beginner to throw question, can get high quality reply. I found this site to be my cup of tea, and I would occasionally answer other people’s questions on it (though not many were adopted, but I was too much of a dish).

In the face of the site after the constant familiarity, found that in addition to the Q&A community, but also support the release of articles and notes. Then I started my first technical blog, trying to start analyzing the jQuery source code.

Later, Sifong also optimized the ability of the article and supported the ability of the column. I also had my own column. Up to now, my column has a total of 46 articles, and has gained more than 3,000 fans and more than 200,000 readings.

I also once received the attention of the founder of Sifoul, which also gave me a lot of motivation.

When Sifor just started to give out video courses, I started to buy lessons to listen to, feel good, harvest is also very big. At the beginning of the course, there were some minor bugs in the player, but now they have been fixed.

It is a lot of class bought to still have not how to listen to, belong to impulse consumption, it is ashamed really.

The last

Finally, I wish you a happy birthday and thank you for growing up with me.