MPVUE small program integration friend league statistics

1. Log in the background management system of Umeng and create a new application

Second, access the SDK

  1. Installing the SDK

    npm install umtrack-wx --save
  2. Add the following code in the main.js(app.js) file

    // ** Uma. Init ({appKey: 'your appKey', useOpenID: false, autogetOpenID: false); true, debug: true }) Vue.prototype.uma = uma;
  3. Added Friend + Data Service Domain in WeChat background configuration:
  4. Test whether integration is successful or not:

    [UMENG] -- Sdk version: 2.3.5 [UMENG] -- Sdk version: 2.3.5 [UMENG] {XXX} [UMENG] -- Lib object initialized successfully [UMENG] -- showOptions: {XXX} [UMENG] -- session options:{XXX} [UMENG] -- start new session(XXX):{XXX} [UMENG] -- install Lib interface successfully [UMENG] -- SDK integrated successfully {XXX} [UMENG] -- Data sent successfully :{XXX} [UMENG] -- Imprint: {} XXX [UMENG] -- a services available at

    The above information, basically there is no problem, to friends of the background to see the application of real-time statistical data, there is data to show the success of integration.