As more and more developers try to tap into mPaaS component capabilities in different business scenarios: The loading performance of H5 page was optimized based on “H5 container/offline package”, the real-time and stability of data transmission was improved by “Mobile gateway/Data synchronization”, and the user behavior was analyzed in depth by “Mobile Analysis/message push/Intelligent delivery”, and the App performance was monitored comprehensively to quickly locate and fix bugs.

We also found that many developers need support and help from the official technical team when they encounter many problems in the process of accessing and using relevant components and combining with specific businesses. Therefore, we disassembled the current access code of each component and started open source. Hope to help you, in the trial of their interested components at the same time, you can understand more engineering principles through the source code, as well as code design ideas.

What is a mPaaS

MPaaS (Mobile Platform as a Service), derived from Alipay, fully opens the core technology of Alipay mobile terminal and provides cloud-to-end one-stop solutions for mobile development, testing, operation and maintenance. At present, it has served 12306, Shanghai Metro, Guangdong Development Bank, Coca Cola, Haier and many other customers, as well as hundreds of millions of C-terminal users, bringing better mobile terminal experience for domestic and international users.

Product capability system

Which components will be Demo priority this time?

MPaaS mobile gateway.

Among the many server components of mPaaS, the mobile API Gateway (MGS) is the ability to connect clients and servers. It simplifies the data protocol and communication protocol of the mobile terminal and the server, can significantly improve the development efficiency and network communication efficiency, and is the core entrance of the whole mPaaS service.

Implement modern mobile network access architecture best practices

  • As a “client-to-server request-response model” service in mobile network technology, MGS realizes efficient asynchronous non-blocking service by Netty, and QPS of 4C8G single machine can reach 10,000 +/s.
  • Front-end support HTTP/HTTP2/MMTP and other protocols, support JSON/Protobuf and other transmission formats, support client RPC and HTML5 standard Rest request, can be widely applicable to a variety of terminal request access;
  • Needs to support more business scene, the MGS backend support HTTP/Dubbo SOFAStack/HRPC/MPC heterogeneous backend, compatible with original business service to the greatest extent. You can also use the SPI SDK provided by MGS to register with the configuration center directly with annotations on the API function signatures, eliminating manual registration of the API through service discovery.

MGS capability continues to be optimized and upgraded

  • Including open ABTest grayscale, HTTP2 protocol, mobile scheduling, multi-room live and other functions, MGS capabilities will continue to be optimized and upgraded.

For more architectural analysis of MGS, you can review these two articles:

  • MPaaS Server Core Component Architecture Overview: Mobile API Gateway MGS
  • Core Components of Ant Financial mPaaS Server: Analysis of Mobile End-to-end Network Access Architecture under Hundred-million-level Concurrency

How can you try the Demo?

  1. Trial mPaaS based on the ‘HelloWorld’ project
  2. Introduce MGS Demo source code for access verification, please scan the Demo library address of ‘HelloWorld’ and related components. Welcome to Star.


(1) At present, the HelloWorld project uses Portal+Bundle access mode, based on which you can understand the specific principle; We currently provide access to mPaaS in a formal environment through mPaaS Inside or AAR.

(2) mPaaS opened trial:…

(3) mPaaS official document address:…

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Follow-up open source and maintenance plan

In addition, as for the official Demo of mPaaS component access, we have also finished putting it on GitHub/Gitee. This batch of demos can be used with our existing technical documentation to help you successfully complete the latest version of mPaaS access work.

If you find these resources helpful, don’t forget Star. Also welcome to try “Dingding” to join the mPaaS technical exchange group, and feel free to discuss any problems in the process of use with us.