Environmental description:

Window 10

Microsoft Visual Studio13

Microsoft Visual Studio13 Microsoft Visual Studio13

Download github.com/microsoft/V… TotalUninstaller inside.zip, run Setup as an administrator. ForcedUninstall. Exe, but will appear in the process of unloading flash back, not completely lead to unload. After analysis, it was found that the installation of some dependency packages was incomplete. You can visit Microsoft’s official website support.microsoft.com/zh-cn/help/… Download the repair software. The steps are as follows:

Pay attention to

Use these steps for Windows programs. If the application obtained from the Microsoft Store is faulty, visit the Microsoft Store to fix the problem.

When a program cannot be installed or removed, the Program installation and uninstallation Troubleshooter helps automatically fix the problem. It also fixes broken registry keys.

First, you need to download the troubleshooter.


If you see the File Download box when you start the download, select Run or Open.

The troubleshooter provides you with steps to follow. If a program is not listed in the uninstall option, you will be asked to provide the production code for that program. To access this code, you need a tool for reading MSI files, which is usually available to IT professionals. You can find the product code in the properties sheet of the MSI file.

Fixed issues

The troubleshooter can help solve the following problems:

  • Corrupt registry key on a 64-bit operating system.
  • Controls corrupt registry keys that update data.
  • Prevents installation of new programs.
  • Prevents a complete uninstall or update of an existing program.
  • Prevents you from uninstalling programs through Add or Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) in the Control Panel.

If you want to remove malware, you can use the Windows Security Center (or another antivirus tool), or you can use the Windows Malware Removal tool.

After fixing the dependent table, run totalUninstaller. zip to unmount it completely.