Problem description

When you start to download the JAR package, the following exception occurs

Always resolve a plugin org, apache maven. Plugins: maven – war – the plugin: 2.2

The following message appears in the console:

Problem analysis

For the analysis of the environment at that time, it was possible that the download was abnormally interrupted due to network reasons. The plug-in and JAR package failed to download the specific solution. Please refer to the comments section of this blog post

Problem solving

Specific solution: 1, delete the wrong location of the package in the JAR package. 2. Re-use Maven to automatically download the required dependencies

The diagram below:

⚠️ Note: Different versions of IDEA have different support for Maven’s automatic download dependency feature. At least there is no general article for 2020

In order to prevent the problem that Maven automatically guides the package when POM is updated, the new version of IDEA canceles the automatic guide package mechanism. But import buttons and shortcuts have been added.


A method for automatically importing Maven dependencies in the new version of IDEA 2020.1 (POM dependencies Cannot be automatically imported/updated, Maven Settings are automatically updated, and shortcuts for automatically updating Resolve the plugin org, apache maven. Plugins: maven – site – the plugin: 3.3