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Mac Typora + Github + Picgo is configured successfully

Posted on Aug. 23, 2023, 11:40 a.m. by Ms. Sandra Henderson
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Install Picgo

/usr/local/bin/picgo /usr/local/bin/picgo /usr/local/bin/picgoCopy the code

Configuration Picgo

picgo set uploader
Copy the code

Set this parameter to Github, set branch to master, and set custom URI to the created repository.

If you haven't already created the Github repository and set up the Personal Token, just Google it.

Set Typora to Image, Custom Command, and enter Command as follows

Be sure to write the node directory and picgo directory

/ usr/local/Cellar/node / 16.3.0 / bin/node/usr/local/bin/picgo uploadCopy the code

By the way, on Windows, the operation is basically the same, except that after installing Picgo directly on Typora, use custom Command, and just need a Picgo Upload. Uploader = github, current: github


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