“Suddenly the warm wind to follow the light heat.”

On July 7, we usher in Slight Heat, the 11th solar term in the 24 solar terms.

Slight Heat is the 11th solar term of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar and the fifth solar term in summer, which marks the official beginning of the summer season. Slight Heat occurs on July 7 or 8 every year when the sun reaches longitude 105°. “Heat” means hot, while “minor heat” means “minor heat”. It means that the weather is beginning to get hot, but it’s not the hottest yet. This kind of climate is basically in line with most parts of China.

In hot summer, the heat is transpiration. It is very important to add salt to the heart at this time. Sleep is good for the mind, and we should pay attention to ensure enough sleep.

TCAPLUSDB reminds you that the Slight Heat season is very suitable for health! Traditional Chinese medicine believes that all activities in life are the concentrated performance of the viscera functions dominated by the heart, and “the heart is the five viscera and six viscera all shake”. Sultry weather is easy to make people’s mood fluctuations, control is not good, will affect heart health. Therefore, programmers present in the hard code at the same time, we should pay attention to adjust the state of mind, the control of emotions, calm to mind, pay attention to the maintenance of the body.

People have a new custom of eating during Slight Heat. The newly harvested rice is ground into rice and boiled into fragrant rice to worship the god of grain and his ancestors. Families also want to taste new wine, feel the joy of the harvest, but also thanks to their hard work. Tcaplusdb also wishes you to be as bright and beautiful as the summer sun, savor every beautiful moment, and let life burst out full of vitality. TCAPLUSDB will do the same, bursting its own infinite vitality at every moment.

But cherish the summer long, and sing the breeze. I wish you all a happy Slight Heat!

TCAPLUSDB is a distributed NoSQL database produced by Tencent. The storage and scheduling codes are completely self-developed. It has features such as cache + floor-to-ground fusion architecture, petabyte storage, millisecond delay, lossless horizontal scaling and complex data structure. At the same time, it has the characteristics of rich ecology, convenient migration, extremely low cost of operation and maintenance and five nine high availability. Customers cover the fields of games, Internet, government affairs, finance, manufacturing and Internet of Things.