Hi, fellow explorers, the beginners’ activity has ended. For more details, please visit juejin.cn/post/697915…

Since the launch of the activity, a total of 100+ diggers have participated in the activity and posted nearly 300 articles in total. I believe that after three lessons, we have mastered the basic skills of writing articles, say no more to draw now.

The graduation award

Requirements: Complete 3 essays for each class

Number of winners: 86

Prize: Nuggets throw pillows or summer T-shirts

Honorable mention

Requirements: complete 1 ~ 2 assignments per class

Number of winners: 26

Prize: a random badge

Honorable mention

Requirements: Complete 3 articles per class, and read more than 100 times and like more than 6 times for each article

Number of winners: 27

Prizes: divide the equivalent prizes of 2000 yuan. There are 3 choices. Please choose one of them. Discounting is not supported

The prize in

Star officer award

Requirements: The referees have successfully received the graduation award

Number of winners: 12

Prize: a piece of gold nuggets

Among them, NewBoy, SloppyJack and WangScaler all recommended 2 people successfully. You can choose 2 peripheral gifts, and you can not exchange for other gifts


The above display nickname only for the convenience of everyone to find, if there is a difference/repeat, will be based on the winning user gold homepage link, see this table: the list of winners public version

The award-winning questionnaire

Please pay attention to the system message, the winning questionnaire will be posted in the system message. Each person can fill in once, please make sure the information is correct before submitting.

The deadline for the questionnaire is 12 PM on July 19th (Monday). The gift will not be reissued. Please fill in the questionnaire in time.

If you have any questions about the result of this activity, please update the 30-day activity group @little assistant