Today to the studio is relatively late, in front of the computer to eat breakfast, see prompt IDEA prompt upgrade, thought has been a long time did not rise the level. Just wait and upgrade.

After the upgrade was finished and restarted, I suddenly found a lot of errors and the original application couldn’t start. A closer look at the misinformation reveals that none of Lombok’s relevant notes seem to have worked.

For example, classes that use @slf4j will get an error like this:

Java: can't find the symbolic symbols: variable log location: class com. Didispace. UserService

IDEA also notes that the compilers currently in use do not support Lombok

java: You aren't using a compiler supported by lombok, so lombok will not work and has been disabled.
  Your processor is: com.sun.proxy.$Proxy26
  Lombok supports: sun/apple javac 1.6, ECJ

A search revealed that Lombok was disabled due to the IDEA version, but the problem was later fixed. So, all we need to do is update the Lombok version to 1.18.14 and later:

< the dependency > < groupId > org. Projectlombok < / groupId > < artifactId > lombok < / artifactId > < version > 1.18.14 < / version > <scope>provided</scope> </dependency>

If you are a Spring Boot user, you usually do not write the version number, because the Spring Boot includes the Lombok version as soon as 2.x is started. Some older versions of Spring Boot are more prone to this problem. For example, the project on the DD side is using 2.1.3. The Lombok version introduced here is 1.18.6 by default.

This problem occurred after IDEA was upgraded due to the low version of Lombok. Manual maintenance of the version to 1.18.14 was resolved.

If the above solutions don’t solve your problem, then some of the following might:

  1. Whether the Lombok plug-in is installed or enabled

  1. Annotation ProcessorsIn theEnable annotation processingCheck whether the

  1. Add parameter configuration in the Compiler:-Djps.track.ap.dependencies=false

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