With short video and live more and more popular to prove that the charm of video as an information carrier is bound to replace text and text, because of this, the market for short video and live system APP development demand is increasing, if you have a set of live APP source can make the development work like a duck to water.
It can be said that the source code of the live broadcast system is the core and foundation of the development of live broadcast APP. After all, its quality affects the smooth construction of the later stage and the fundamental factors of the development function.
And the open source source itself has advantages, customers can build deployment live platform in a short time through the source code, do not need to find software developers to customize development, in addition, open source customers can also according to their needs for secondary development, this can be achieved on the basis of the source code.
First, decompose the basic functions of live source code
Live video broadcast: This is the most basic function of live video app, which should support live video
RTMP push flow, so that the picture transmission smooth, clear.
Chat function: For users to interact with the chat function, including text and emoticons.
Interactive functions: used for interaction with anchors, such as lighting, sending flowers, etc.
Payment and withdrawal function: users use cash to buy gifts for their favorite anchors, who can exchange the gifts for cash after receiving them.
Video playback: Video is recorded during the live broadcast so that fans who missed the live broadcast can watch it again.
Sharing function: Share the room number that is being broadcast to wechat, Weibo, QQ or other third-party social software.

Ii. Officially build live broadcast source code

1. App framework construction: Directly create the app and put it on the shelf in APICloud Studio, with three commonly used page frames as options.

2. Building block assembly: write pages and call modules with JavaScript and apply all selected modules

HTML5+CSS3 to build the application interface UI, complete the whole process of APP coding.

3. Real machine debugging: App optimization through the simulator and real machine debugging function.

4. Cloud Compilation: Upload the icon, startup page and certificate of the APP to APIClould’s official website and use “Cloud Compilation” to generate the app

Native installation packages for iOS and Android.
Third, how to optimize the source of the live broadcast system

For live broadcast business, the most difficult point to overcome is how to improve the opening and playing time of the first screen of live broadcast software, and how to improve the corresponding service quality, such as how to lose packets


To ensure the stability and smooth progress of live broadcast. At this time, you need high-quality live broadcast system source code to “make a contribution”.

1. In order to solve the problems of opening the first screen and playing time, we can actively push GOP. (In other words, a GOP is a group of continuous images to the edge node). The edge node caches GOP, so that the player can load quickly, thus reducing the source delay.

2. Before solving the most common delay phenomenon in live broadcast, we need to analyze the causes first. In general, the delay in live broadcast is due to network jitter or congestion, which leads to the failure to send streaming media data. Therefore, all time stamps need to be modified after GOP frame loss, otherwise the client will delay one GOP time.