Vue mount data lifecycle:

BeforeCreate: init initializes, registering Vue's default properties, methods, and events. Unable to access this created: Initialize and inject the defined data, methods, etc. into the Vue instance. You can access this, Ajax Beforemount: Render DOM templates in memory mounted: Mounted $NextTick () callback of the parent component is performed after loading the life cycle of the child component to the Mounted $NextTick () callback. In the mounting phase, the child component directly calls some methods to operate on the DOM, but the parent component does not mount, so it can use $nextTick() callback in the child component to perform the DOM operation after the next DOM update

Keep-Alive life cycle:

Entering and leaving a page triggers the Activation and DeActivation

Router lifecycle:

Component-level BeForerOutleWave: Hook before a component of a routing component leaves a route, which can be used to cancel the routing exit. BeforeEach: Routing global front guard, used for login validation, global routing loading, etc. BeforeEnter: Routing exclusive guard BeForerRouteEnter: Routing component's component hooks before entering the route. BeforeSolve: routing global resolution guard afterEach: routing global post-hook beforeCreate: component lifecycle, cannot access this. Created: Component lifecycle, which can access this, not the DOM. BeforeMount: Component lifecycle deactivated: Leaving cache component A, or triggering A's beforeDestroy and Destroyed component destruction hooks. Mounted: Visit/operation of Dom. Activated: Enter the cache component, enter the nested sub-components of A (if any). Execute the BeForeRouteEnter callback function next.