Container cloud UK8S feature update

1, UK8S new support for Kubernetes version 1.18.9, the main updates: The Kubernetes topology manager was upgraded to Beta, ServerSide Apply introduced Beta 2, Ingress was extended with Ingress and replaced with IngressClass for annotations not recommended for use, and Sig-CLI introduced Kubectl The debug command, Alpha version into Windows CSI, etc., specific see links to

The recommended UK8S versions currently available also include 1.17.4, with full K8S product functionality, allowing users to have flexible version selection.

CloudProvider has been updated to 20.10.2 to support the creation of subnet ULBs. Pre-update check: The cluster was created before October 20, 2020, and the CloudProvider version is lower than 20.10.1. Please update at idle time, confirm the UK8S version, and then select the corresponding update operation. Details about the link

UK8S is a management service for the deployment of containerized applications, simplifies cluster setup and maintenance, supports native applications and tools for the Kubernetes community, and integrates cloud products such as UCloud UHost, ULB, Uisk, VPC, etc., allowing you to focus on developing containerized applications.

NVME models have been updated with MySQL features

1. The ability to set the promotion and demotion on a regular basis is added to meet the customers’ timing ability to conduct the promotion and demotion during the low peak of business.

2, provide more complete database file back ability, support file back to the original instance, and support for the specific library/table database file back.

3, Added support for MySQL5.5&percona5.5/5.7 versions, to meet the needs of multiple versions of users.

The database example of NVME model (Kuaijie version) adopts the mainstream computing storage separation architecture in the industry: the computing layer uses high-performance UCloud Kuaijie cloud host, and the storage layer uses ultra-high performance RDMA NVME SSD cloud disk. RSSD cloud disk is based on a new generation of distributed block storage architecture, with NVME SSD as the storage medium at the bottom and RDMA for network transmission. It provides users with random read and write capacity up to 1.2 million on a single disk and lower single-channel delay capacity.

A new version of GlobalSSH is available

The new version of GlobalSSH includes the Free version, the Basic version, the Enterprise version and the Ultimate version. There are no limits on the number of instances and it supports accelerating any source IP. (Note: Instance type created before September 14, 2020 is public test version. The function of public test version remains unchanged and can be used normally. New instance is no longer supported.)

GlobalSSH is a product that aims to improve the efficiency of remote management servers across the country. It aims to solve problems such as lag, connection failure and slow transmission speed caused by unstable network across the country. This product can greatly reduce the jam, connection failure, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance work.

Real-time audio and video URTC version updated

The new version of WebDemo is suitable for application scenarios such as online meeting and live broadcast, and it is adapted to desktop and mobile browsers, allowing developers to access URTC faster. The main functions are as follows:

1. Support setting video parameters and equipment parameters;

2, support desktop sharing;

3, support control camera, microphone, speaker switch;

4, support recording and bypass push stream;

5. Support sharing of meeting links;

6, support network status detection.

Based on the strong coverage capability of UCloud, URTC can realize the nearby access of users, provide network low latency, low packet loss rate of audio and video communication, with one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many audio and video calling functions. Support recording, beauty, watermarking, audio, import external video stream, interactive whiteboard, bypass live broadcast. Meet online education and training, telemedicine, video conferencing, live entertainment scenes.

Data transfer UDTS feature updated

1. UDTS optimizes MySQL full migration. In default mode, InnoDB lock can be quickly released for MyISAM and InnoDB mixed scenarios.

2, UDTS optimization speed limit, support ultra-small memory database instance migration.

3, UDTS optimized MySQL full migration, removed the ENABLEBINGLOG option, kept the target DB configuration unchanged, to ensure high availability of UDB.

4, UDTS MySQL incremental synchronization support speed limit.

5, UDTS supports pre-check – full view permissions and pre-check – SQL mode.

Data Transfer Service UDTS supports full/incremental data transfer between a variety of homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources. UDTS can easily help users adjust data architecture, migrate data across computer rooms, synchronize real-time data for follow-up data analysis, etc.

Hadoop cluster UHadoop feature update

1. Added monitoring indicators, including new node, number of running processes, number of blocked processes, number of read-only disks, number of processes, number of TCP connections, loadAverage index.

2. Support Hadoop 2.8.5 version. Supported components and versions are as follows: Hadoop 2.8.5, Hive 2.3.7, Spark 2.4.6, Presto 0.232, Zepplin 0.8.2, Livy 0.7.0, Tez 0.9.2, Oozie 5.2.0, ZooKeeper 3.4.13, HBase 1.4.10, Phoenix 4.14.3, SQOOP 1.4.7, Hue 4.6.0, SQOOP 1.4.7.

UHadoop is a hosted Hadoop cluster service that allows users to handle large amounts of data easily, quickly and economically without the tedious work of creating and maintaining a cluster. Clusters can run common frameworks such as MapReduce and Spark, and provide services such as Hive and HBase.

Container instance Cube feature updated

1. The free public beta period of Cube has ended, and official billing has started, supporting billing by month, year and second;

2. Added AMD model in Cube’s underlying hardware resources;

3. Added buffer log function to Cube;

4. Add two usable areas E in Beijing for CUBE.

Cube is the Serverless container instance service provided by UCloud, which provides more flexible and fast resource support for the business through UCloud infrastructure resources. Users can deploy and manage container applications on Cube without caring about the server operation and maintenance work of the underlying application.

Cloud memory Redis feature updated

1. Main and backup Redis(Kuaijie version) supports capacity upgrade and downgrade to meet customers’ flexible planning of capacity, and rapid expansion to meet business surge and other scenarios. 2, high performance Redis support slow log management, for high performance Redis instance of slow log query analysis, the console provides visual management, the user is more convenient and intuitive slow log analysis.

Cloud Memory Redis is a cache and storage service compatible with the Redis protocol. It provides both primary and secondary versions and distributed versions. Rich data structures can help users complete the development of different types of business scenarios.

New products of intelligent epidemic prevention and security inspection were released

In addition to the traditional metal security inspection capability, intelligent epidemic prevention and security gate can also rely on AI algorithm for face recognition and non-contact temperature measurement, and support data reporting, cloud intelligent analysis, open API interface, access to the attendance system, docking health code two-dimensional code and other functions. It can be widely used in exhibitions, airport stations, park security and other scenes.