The beauty of the layer thickness

Online debugging extended skin Layer is a popular web shell layer components in recent years, she has a full range of solutions, dedicated to service each level of developers, your pages will easily have a rich and friendly operation experience.

When compared to similar components, Layer always wins easily. It’s trying to deliver more functionality with less code, with an extra focus on performance, ease of use, and usability, which is why more and more developers are turning their eyes to Layer (6174983 views). Layer is even compatible with all major browsers, including IE6. Her considerable number of interfaces allows you to customize as many styles as you need, each with its own characteristics and popularity. Of course, this is always going to sound a little uncomfortable, so you need to take a closer look to see if she’s really following through.

Until today I did not understand it to understand the beauty of the shell layer joke ha ha ha, to be honest the official document is too treacherous entry level code instances are few! The community is rubbish a group of keyboard men only provide so – called ideas!

Get into the business

<! <div class="topFooter"> <div class="topFooter"> <div class="topFooter"> Class ="fr"> </a> </div>

I’m using the Iframe window to link to an HTML page with a classic piece of code in the landing page (popover) footer

Function (data, textStatus) {if (data.code == 3) {'<p style="font-size:18px; > answer input error! </p>', '#code_math',{ tips: [3, '#fd5004']}); return false; }'<p style="font-size:18px;" >'+data.msg+'</p>', '#code_math',{ tips: [3, '#fd5004']}); if(data.code==1){ closecurrent(); }} function cloSecurrent (){setTimeout(function(){var index=parent.layer.getFrameIndex(; parent.window.location.reload(); parent.layer.close(index); }, 1000); } / / layui switch bounced to the registration page popup window function goregisterzc () {var index = parent. Layer. GetFrameIndex (window. Name); Parent.window.layer. open({type: 2, title: 'asset registry ', shadeClose: true, // Click on the mask to close the layer area: ['630px', '460px'], content: '{{ URL("alertregisterzc") }}' });; parent.layer.close(index); } / / close the current jump to the parent window assets institutional users retrieve password page function gopasswordzc () {var index = parent. Layer. GetFrameIndex (window. Name); parent.window.location.href="{{ url('cbpwdzc') }}"; parent.layer.close(index); }

The key

var index=parent.layer.getFrameIndex(;


To this end, the above two sentences are the solution to parent-child level operation.