Project introduction

The authorization architecture and content management framework developed based on Laravel8.x+AntDesign+Vue adopts a new front-end UI framework, which supports multi-topic switching. The front-end UI framework is fully suitable for mobile phone terminal, PAD terminal and PC terminal. The framework has a complete built-in authorization architecture system and conventional basic modules: User management, role management, menu management, rank management, post management, department management, system log, layout management, advertising management, configuration management, dictionary management, and so on. The flagship edition focuses on the integration of the function of code generator, which can generate all the code of the whole module with one key. It includes PHP back-end code and Vue+AntDesign front-end UI code, which can be directly run after generation without manual development. The framework focuses on providing the best industry-based background framework solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is reliable in execution efficiency, scalability, stability, smooth operation experience and very convenient to use. We welcome you to use and conduct secondary development.

Modularization: The new architecture and modular development mechanism facilitate flexible expansion and secondary development. Model/column/classified information system: through column and model binding, as well as different model types, different columns can achieve differentiated functions, such as information, download, discussion and pictures easily. By binding classified information and column, the index table can be set up automatically, and the complex information retrieval can be easily realized. Laravel8. X + Vue + AntDesign is a framework developed based on Laravel8. X + Vue + AntDesign. Common class encapsulation, log, cache, validation, dictionary, file (local, seven Niu Yun). Scope of application: can develop OA, ERP, BPM, CRM, WMS, TMS, MIS, BI, e-commerce platform background, logistics management system, express management system, educational administration management system and other management software.

Environmental requirements:

PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Curl PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Curl


Rigorous specifications: provide a set of specifications for structural design, coding, data, etc., which are conducive to teamwork. Efficient and flexible: Clear layered design, hook behavior extension mechanism, decoupled design is more flexible to respond to changing requirements. Rigorous security: clear system execution process, rigorous anomaly detection and security mechanism, detailed log statistics, escort the system. Componentization: perfect componentization design, rich form components, so that the development of lists and forms more convenient. No front-end development, save time and effort. Simple and fast on hand: clear structure, code specification, in the development of fast but also give consideration to the ultimate pursuit of performance. Features: privilege management, rich components, many third-party applications, layered decoupling design and advanced design ideas. Advanced levels: distributed, load balancing, clustering, Redis, library and table. Command line: Command line functionality, one key management application extension.

Developer Information

System name: RxThinkCMF_AVL8_PRO permissions and content management system flagship edition author: RxThinkCMF R & D center author QQ: 1175401194 official website website: open source licenses: Apache 2.0

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Technical support QQ: 1175401194

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