1Kube-OVN Community Edition V1.3 Update supports container network hardware acceleration, custom gateways, gateway QoS and more

KUBE-OVN Community Version V1.3 has been released recently. From now on, KUBE-OVN supports hardware acceleration based on smart network cards, which can significantly improve container network throughput, reduce network latency, and reduce host CPU consumption, which can significantly improve performance and resource utilization in bare metal scenarios. At the same time, the community version V1.3 increased the gateway function, the user can customize the POD routing strategy to select the specific POD in the cluster as a traffic gateway and the gateway function development of custom, such as EIP, billing, auditing and other functions. In addition, the gateway increases the function of QoS control, users can dynamically adjust the total external bandwidth of the same subnet.

See detailed function: https://github.com/alauda/kube… 1.3.0

2. Based on the needs of enterprise users, KUBE-OVN enterprise version is launched with more perfect functions and services

Since Kube-OVN opened source, it has gained the attention of a large number of developers and users, and has been put into use in a number of projects and practical environments. With the recognition of multiple carrier-class customers, as well as the increase of enterprise users, KUBE-OVN also pays more attention to stability, security, easy deployment and other features in the version transition. Therefore, on the basis of the KUBE-OVN community version, KUBE-OVN enterprise version should be born. In terms of network functions, network operation and maintenance, network security and technical support, there are the following differences:

Community Edition Enterprise Edition

Network features • Single cluster container network

• IPtables gateway

• Single clustered container network

• IPtables gateway

• Pod EIP

• Multi-cluster interworking container network

•OVN high performance gateway

• Smart network card support

Network operation and maintenance, command line tools

• Basic connectivity metrics

• Control plane state indicators

• Command line tools

• Basic connectivity metrics

• Control plane state indicators

• Performance monitoring metrics

• Traffic statistics

• Network anomaly indicators

• Large screen panel

Network security • Unified release with the community within 2-3 months

• Maintain security and bug-related issues with the latest release

• Official subscription, security and Bug related fixes will be pushed as soon as possible

• User version long term support

• Customize upgrade plan strategy

• Control plane TLS encryption

• Encrypt network traffic

Technical support • Community support

• Open courses on technology

• Community support

• Open courses on technology

• The original factory expert 5*8 technical support

1. For the multi-cluster and federated scenarios in the enterprise scenario, the container network is expanded from a single cluster container network to a multi-cluster container network. The container network can interoperate across clusters, providing more flexible networking control.

2. In view of the performance problem of large-scale clusters, the OVN built-in gateway is used to replace Iptables to greatly improve the gateway throughput capacity and provide gateway based container EIP capability.

3. Provide the ability to integrate with Mellanox smart network card manufacturers according to the performance requirements of bare metal, and use smart network card to process network data plane processing, improve throughput performance and reduce CPU consumption of physical machine.

4. More monitoring index integration, access to the third-party spruce network Deepflow network monitoring system, improve the visualization ability of container network, and more quickly carry out fault location, flow statistics and performance analysis.

5. Late operation and maintenance support. Service and product capability are equally important. Providing timely and professional technical support can help enterprise users who pay attention to security and stability reduce problems to a minimum. KUBE-OVN Enterprise Edition will provide official subscription, the first time to push software updates, patch updates, installation tuning and other information. Provide a smooth problem feedback channel, the original factory expert team to support the after-sales service, and the response time (SLA) is optional, to meet the needs of different degrees of enterprise.

**3 Kube-OVN Enterprise Edition is now available for a limited time free trial **

In fact, the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition are symbiotic.

KUBE-OVN Community Edition has gathered the wisdom of a large number of community open source contributors, brought together the top technology, KUBE-OVN Enterprise Edition, the creation of a large number of community users to benefit from the ecosystem, and KUBE-OVN Community Edition will benefit from the continuous improvement of the Enterprise Edition.