Anlang personal workstation

Anlang personal workstation: different from enterprise employee OA system, this system is fully personal, creating a complete cloud space of their own!

Code cloud…

  • JAVA+ActFramework+MySQL+Angular5+Metronic5+Ant Design for Angular (NG-ZORRO-ANTD)

    • Annzon-console, Angular5+Metro 5+ various Angular5 third-party component development ng-Zorro-ANTD (Ant Design for Angular)
    • AnnZone-ServeWEB system, background interface, blog micro blog WEB version view, JAVA WEB development ActFramework framework1.6.6 +The development of
    • AnnZone-AndroidAndroid Android APP client version Kotlin language1.2.10 +The development of
    • AnnZone-iOSApple iOS APP client version Swift4.0.3 + Xcode 9.2The development of
    • AnnZone-MiniProgramWechat applets1.9.5The latest version is componentized
    • Materials and resources Design drawings, resources, materials and other documents used in the project. Angular background materials, Android/iOS APP materials, web version materials, micro APP materials, etc
  • API interface as the core work, blog and micro-blog will have HTML web page version, convenient technology to build their own external blog platform, the data of other modules can also be displayed in the web page of the blog site… Can also do enterprise websites and other CMS systems

  • There are Android, iOS client, wechat small program, the client is mainly UI design, content server easily generated in the development… The author’s blog system is in use and will be updated for a long time!!

  • In 2018, I will not go to pick up girls, eat chicken or drink wine. All my spare time will follow up this project !!!!! As research, as learning, as use, as sharing

The main function

  1. Write blog, with blog front page;
  2. Take notes, Markdown technical notes for programmers;
  3. Project management, keeping records of all projects taken over;
  4. Task management, workbench at any time to view daily, weekly, and other tasks;
  5. Micro-blog system, personal micro-blog, external release;
  6. Personal network disk, their files to the server space;
  7. Accounting system, programmers also want to learn financial management cough up;
  8. Health management, regularly record their own health data, programmer health can not be ignored;
  9. Photo album management, videos and photo albums can be collectable!
  10. The early stage is not so energetic to achieve all the functions of the concept, will gradually iteration maintenance, as soon as possible speed upgrade!

During development:

Android version of Kotlin language new development AnKo and XML hybrid use

UI style what to change the source code have comments, after all, we may not have me so SAO, I do not have a special professional design level

Document problem

Now it is still in the preliminary stage, and the complete blog system will release the video tutorial of building the blog platform. After the completion of the Android terminal, android will be packaged into its own APP (can be an independent blog APP to improve the forced grid release application market, can be an enterprise news APP, information display APP, etc.).

The documentation exists in the file under the directory of each project. The code does not remove the various console printing debugging, and there are many comments, which should be understood by those who know the corresponding technology. Knowledge of angular, Java MVC framework ActFramework. Users who need to complete the development by themselves, please send the video link after I improve it!


MIT open source, how to change, how to use, how to sell, how to scold freely, (note the copyright of the third party library cited)