If you’ve ever used Kafka, you’ll know that there is no admin interface in Kafka itself. You have to execute commands manually to complete all operations. But some commands are so long and long that if you don’t take notes, not to mention novices, even experienced users may not be able to remember them. You have to search the Internet every time you want to use them. Some geek-minded people may think the command line is true love, but using a good visual management tool can be a huge productivity boost.

The tool I’m going to introduce to you today is called Kafka-map, which I developed for situations I use frequently in my daily work. With this tool, I don’t have to look up information about how to write a command. It’s like, “Give wings to programming, give navigation to Kafka.”

Kafka – map is introduced

Kafka Map is a Kafka visualization tool developed using Java11 and React.

The features currently supported are:

  • Multi-cluster management
  • Cluster status monitoring (number of partitions, number of replicas, storage size, offset)
  • Create, Delete, Enlarge Themes (Delete.topic.enable = true for delete.topic.enable = true for delete.topic.enable = true)
  • Broker status monitoring
  • View and delete the consumer group
  • Reset the offset
  • Message query (String and JSON support for presentation)
  • Send a message (support for sending string messages to the specified topic and partition)

Screenshot function

Add the cluster

Cluster management


Theme manager

Consumer groups

View the topics subscribed to by the consuming group

Topic details – partitioning

Topic – broker for details

Topic details – Consumer groups

Topic details — consumer group resets offset

Topic details — configuration information

Production of the message

News consumption

Install in Docker mode

The installation can be done with a single command

docker run -d \
    -p 8080:8080 \
    -v /opt/kafka-map/data:/usr/local/kafka-map/data \
    --name kafka-map \
    --restart always dushixiang/kafka-map:latest

More information on installation and believe to view: https://github.com/dushixiang…

Welcome to Star and share with others.