Project introduction

Project Source:

Since there was no database file in the original GitHub warehouse, I now upload the warehouse to my personal Gitee warehouse after modification.

This system is based on JSP+Spring+SpringMVC+Hibernate+ MySQL campus lost and found website. This system does not use the common SSM or SSH framework, but to Spring+SpringMVC+Hibernate three framework to complete. This is a perfect example of a framework serving a service. As long as a framework is good for your development process, you don’t have to stick to the framework and use the most skilled and efficient one.

Difficulty level: Medium

Technology stack

The editor

The Eclipse Version: 2019-12 (4.14.0)

The front-end technology

Basis: HTML + CSS + JavaScript

Framework: JQuery + EasyUI

The back-end technology


Template Engine: JSP

Database connection pool: C3P0

Database: MySQL 5.7.27 (for personal testing)

JDK version: 1.8.0_181 (for personal testing)

Tomcat version: 8.5.34 (for personal testing)

Run locally

Eclipse environment preparation

1. The eclipse new JDK

2. New tomcat eclipse

Import the project

If in doubt, please check
Video version.

1. Download zip directly decompress or install git after executing the clone command.

git clone

2. Import the project using Eclipse, configure the JDK, Tomcat, and the required JAR packages. The JAR packages that the project depends on are in the WebContent/ web-inf /lib folder.

3. Open Navicat For MySQL, create lostandFound database, and run SQL/lostandFound.

4. Modify the resourcedatabase. The properties of the content of the database related.

5. Release to tomcat, specific access link to see the tomcat configuration, if not modify the http://localhost:8080/LostAndFound for the login page. Login account 2013031308 2013031308

http://localhost:8080/LostAndFound/admin for the admin page.

Account: [email protected] Password: lgladmin

Pay attention to

  • This project does not declare the MySQL, JDK, Tomcat version, the above version number is the personal test version.
  • Pay attention to modify resourcedatabase. The properties of the content of the database related.

Project screenshots

The statement

  • This project is collected on GitHub. I just want to explain the technology, points of attention and how to start it, so as to help you to learn and communicate.
  • If the project cannot be downloaded through the Gitee address or cannot work properly, you can send me a private message and I will help you free of charge.

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This has been included in the individual making warehouse, welcome to the Star.

Welcome to pay attention to my public number “Zhang Youlu”, the first time to push the original technical articles.