With the development of the front-end, many developers have started to use React, Vue and other Web frameworks, but few people have in-depth analysis of the source code of Vue and React (myself, so far only use level). Frameworks such as jquery, Angular, React, and Vue will be updated and iterated. But scratch down to the bottom of these frameworks, and it’s still plain javascript.


At the beginning of the school, you may think javascript is a weak language that is very easy to learn. You may feel so easy (mom doesn’t have to worry about my learning any more). You may feel that you can write a beautiful web page in a week. In fact, it’s just that it’s highly encapsulated, and it’s easy to use when it’s encapsulated, like wrapping classes in C and then using them. But the reality is that the people who can use c highly encapsulated classes may not be on the same level as the people who can use them (encapsulated people may have to worry about register manipulation, memory freeing, stack overflow avoidance, and so on). So are Web frameworks, and the people who can use them and understand how they work are probably not on the same level either. The above may be a little pull (write the first article we forgive), but in any case, do not forget the original intention is always right, remove the impetuous surface, down-to-earth step by step down is the king.

Interest in

Do not know how we are in the opportunity to turn into the front end of this industry, I really because of personal interests, before in the school is the Internet of things (embedded) as the main line of work, then the tutor required the use of embedded equipment to develop a web server…… “(You can imagine the performance experience of running a web page on an embedded device). Just beginning to feel write web super interesting, things such as the c language, you write a lot of code to debug, not only needs to be compiled, download code to the device, to see your so-called effect (now the development of intelligence, so certainly not so complex), but the web is not the same ah, a computer, an editor, With a browser you can start developing a new world of WYSIWYG…… So, I began to jump from an old pit into a new pit full of malice……


There are many kinds of learning, everyone’s learning method is not the same, some awesome people learning efficiency is particularly high. I often hear what a week to finish reading jquery source code is what level ah, two weeks to finish reading cow book….. I really admire your reading speed, also very admire your understanding ability, the baby can not do…… Baby stupid, so had to a little bit of learning, a little bit of writing code, a little bit of debugging, a little bit of writing feeling understanding, sometimes not twice, twice understanding or won’t use, three times…… Rest assured, rhino book two or three times, advanced programming two or three times, CSS authoritative guide two or three times…… There is no way ah, you these gods so-called see norms, see standards, see source code baby really can’t learn……

Anyway, I now feel that my studies, though inefficient and time-consuming, are really useful in some workplaces. Many people feel that these ancient things and what learning is necessary, that people are going to study javascript so language is how the bottom layer is encapsulated and so on (I believe there must be such a god)…… So what are they doing these studies for……


emmmm….. , the first time to send this article, also do not know what they want to express, disorderly write a pile, I hope there are stupid people like me have been able to adhere to the initial learning, do not forget the beginner’s mind, even if these learning is others learning experience, others learning notes, others learning books…… Finally, as long as learning is applied to practice, it is also a good result (learning is learning, self-learning ability still needs to be improved). Finally, attached is a small note I learned this time last year (jquery source analysis). It’s a combination of rhino books, advanced programming, and other blogs (closures, scope chains, prototype chains, event mechanics, etc.), and hopefully it’ll be useful for anyone interested. (emmmmm….. I have been writing some CSS notes recently. If you are interested, please check out my Github.

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