Jiangshan generation have fell out, summarizes the excellences of hundreds of years | 2021 years

Hi, everyone, I am nezha, a little demon boy. Today we are going to talk about our mid-year summary

  • Quit your job and change industries
  • A successful transition
  • Change your thinking model
  • Learning methods
  • A healthy body

Jiangshan generation out of the talented, each lead coquettish for hundreds of years

There are many excellent people in the mining technology community, but the more excellent, the harder they work, the better they work.

The movie, the most impressive words to me is that my life is not by me, only their own to achieve their own.

Thus, the little demon boy namzha was born.

Still have to explore the direction of the future

In the first five months, I resolutely chose to leave my job. For myself and those who care about me, it is a relatively important decision.

It is not willing to destroy the youth in the inner circle and waste, hoping to make their future more colorful.

Give up all the comfort of the present, choose a relatively difficult, but you want to take the road.

In a few months embedded transformation background server development is a bumpy road, thanks to the side of the girlfriend all the way accompany, all the way to support and encourage, finally successful transformation of background server development.

At the beginning of the transformation, I took on the development of core modules in the project, which impressed me more or less. Entering a new industry, there must be a lot of blood and tears in the early stage, but those who can carry it over will surely gain growth, flowers and applause.

The change of thinking consciousness, the achievement of the future self

Entering a new industry, a new position, the way of thinking has changed dramatically.

I also have some thoughts about the ways and methods of learning, which are effective.

True knowledge comes from practice

Whether it is learning technology or learning a skill, we need to do it in person, not on paper.

Systematic learning, systematic practice, practice out of true knowledge, high-minded but low-handed, will only make your career path more bumpy and narrow.

Even if feel again easy thing, as long as time permits or to their own practice a wave, so that the heart will be more bottom.

Knowledge documentation

The documentation of knowledge is especially important, and it benefits everyone.

As you study each knowledge or skill point, think about why you want to learn it and what you want to achieve after you learn it. Instead of watching others learn and learning and not knowing what to do with it.

When learning some knowledge at ordinary times, I can summarize and output it in my own way. The output content is the essence of their own thinking, easy to follow through and application

Let me give you an example

Have a period of time I am learning database, the application of mysql, principle and source code implementation in accordance with their own way summed up once again. At a time when the task of the department requires an urgent training database. I happen to have the resources here, so instead of taking the time to start from scratch, I just use the summary I wrote before.

Drag and drop, copy and paste, and you have a powerpoint.

Maintain long-term high quality output

There are many ways to improve your skills, but you must be able to communicate your skills and make them understood.

Feynman learning method, I believe you have used, if you can continue to use, you will benefit.

The nugget community provides a great environment for thoughtful developers to apply what they’ve learned. Summary to share out, the circle will also have a variety of big guy feedback. We can revise and adjust our learning methods according to such feedback.

Many thanks to the Nuggets for 30 days of June. The original set of more text, 30 days of flag, or achieved as scheduled

Unswerving pace will make the future go better and more stable

As mentioned above, continuous output is inseparable from continuous high quality input.

We expect to do technology, which is actually an important but not urgent thing. We need to accumulate their own technical strength for a long time, step by step climb and growth.

Systematic learning is very important

I need to set higher requirements for myself. No matter how to learn every skill or every component, I must systematically understand all aspects of it, rather than gulping it down.

This is also half a year since their own do is not in place. I hope I can do better in the second half of the year with the Denver atmosphere. I can make my knowledge more systematic, deeper and more valuable.

We face a lot of technology and need to learn things, we will not also a lot. But when we can’t, we can use some way or method to ask the big guy to guide or ask the big guy to teach.

We mustn’t let our knowledge stop at college graduation. We should keep the habit of learning for a long time, and have the opportunity to adapt to all the changes in the future.

Stay true to who you are

Big brothers have such a feeling, travel for a long time to forget why they started, what is the original goal.

Now walk. The distance from the target is more and more, and even people are more and more distant.

Nuggets gave us a chance to do a year-end summary, do a half-year review of what they do well to do bad, do know. Do good continue to maintain, continue to carry forward, do not good let’s find the pain point, each break.

The reply is quite important

Do things. Quite important. Whether it’s an interview or an online upgrade. Always encounter such and such problems, and even many problems are not within their cognitive scope.

For example, in an interview, the interviewer may not ask you what you know. He might ask you something out of bounds in order to see what your potential is, how your ceiling looks, to see if you have an idea, if you can come up with an appropriate solution.

Therefore, we need to develop a good habit of repetition. So that there is no chance for the problem to happen again.

So that for us, the mistakes we made, we will not make them again. I know what I don’t know. They even have opinions of their own. In the long run, growth must be seen.

In addition, our landscape must become larger, as technology as development our eyes can not only focus on their own acres of land.

In order to reap the value of cognitive surprises, we need to constantly broaden our boundaries and expand our cognition

You may have deep experience, in school when you don’t want to study, work only know the good reading. After work instead of crazy squeeze time to study.

To put it bluntly, only when you feel your own food, you know you should work hard.

May we be more prophetious, keep the habit of learning for a long time, accumulate their own strength, we can seize the opportunity to steady.

To love ourselves is to better love those who care about us

You win when you fight. Yes, young people today are really hard working.

But we need to understand that our life is not only about technology and jobs, we also have a life, a dream, a family.

Physical health must come first. Don’t understand the importance of health when something bad actually happens to you.

We do things that can be done in two minutes will never procrastinate. At the end of the day, everything is done, and we feel happy.

Time management

Be conscious of time management, don’t let time waste.

Reduce the granularity of our time by 15 minutes. To get the job done. Spend as much time with our families as we can. Make time for the gym.

As long as you have good physical temperament, you will be more confident in doing everything else.


2021 mid – year summary is such, summary one word, perseverance

In the second half of 2021, the theme will be growth and breakthrough

  • Doing things you don’t want to do is change
  • Do what you dare not do is called growth
  • Doing what you can’t do is breakthrough
  • Efficient tool for thinking and landing
  • Learn to lead a team

This is the flag I listed before participating in the 30-day program:

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My friends, writing is not easy

Your support and encouragement are the motivation for me to insist on sharing and improve the quality

Well, this time to here, we refueling together in the second half of the year, brutal growth

Technology is open, our mentality, should be more open. Embrace change, live in the sun, and strive to move forward.

I am nezha, welcome to like the collection, see you next time ~

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