Framework integration:

Springmvc + Mybatis + Shiro (permissions) + REST(services) + WebService(services) + JMS(messages) + Lucene(search engine) + Quartz(scheduling) + Bootstrap Html5 (PC, IOS, Android)

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System module:

  1. User management:

    User information management (add, delete, modify, user authorization, user column management, query, etc.)

    User group management (add, delete, modify, user group column authorization, column authorization, query, user group add query, etc.)

    User role management (add, delete, modify, user role authorization, user role column information query setting, etc.)

  2. Article Management:

    Column management: query infinite column tree, create infinite column tree classification (navigation column, picture list column, article list column, article content column, etc.), delete and modify column information.

    Article management: create, delete, modify articles, multi-dimensional article query, including published, unpublished, all articles, etc. Article rich text editor, article multi file upload, article state control, etc.

  3. System Settings:

    Data dictionary management: support Chinese and English information, support unlimited level classification configuration, dynamic control whether available, etc.

    Department information management: Supports unlimited levels of Department information in English and Chinese to add, delete, modify operations, department list, tree center query, etc.

    Log management: System log list query, online view, and online download

    Route management: integrates Baidu map API to provide route query management function

    Druid Monitor: Integrates alibaba connection pool and provides online connection pool monitoring programs, including data source monitoring, SQL monitoring, URL monitoring, Session monitoring, and Spring monitoring

    Website information management: Operate the website content through system configuration files, including configuring the mail server and basic company information.

  4. Integrated REST service, can be used as an independent service platform (provide a large number of examples and test platform, including: file upload and download, email SMS, department, product, public connection, my favorites, my tasks, information publishing, etc.)

  5. Integrated Quartz scheduling, which can be used as a scheduling platform (dynamically configuring scheduling classes and scheduling time, so that the program automatically performs certain services)

  6. Lucene search engine, you can index the file information, support file content search, keyword search, highlighting keywords, so that the information in milliseconds to extract the query

  7. User Settings: modify user information, modify password, send messages, modify personal picture, view role, view user group, administrator modify role, user, user group, etc.

  8. Integrate Webservice platforms, including JAXWS service and CXF framework, and configure permission authentication with double encryption. Make service integration more secure.

  9. Bootstrap HTML5 provides two front-end environments, including a CMS and an e-commerce website, to simplify your development.

Technical points:

  1. Springmvc + Mybatis integration, SpringSecurity permission control, Spring AOP transaction processing.

  2. Wink Rest services, Webservice services: JAXWS, CXF, etc

  3. IO stream upload and download files, multithreaded operation

  4. Send emails, configure the mail server, send emails based on HTML and plain text format (you can give free web crawler to make it send emails in groups and push advertisements, etc.)

  5. MD5 encryption (login password verification encryption, etc.), unified Session and Cookie management, unified verification code verification, etc.

  6. Unified configuration of database connection pools

  7. Quartz Scheduling task integration (directly through configuration)

  8. Httpclient cracked the verification code, login Unicom recharge platform

  9. Chinese characters, English split, can be used as a document keyword search.

  10. Base64 image processing, support PC, Android, IOS

  11. Service Socket and Client Socket communication technology (I have done GPRS data acquisition and used it in the project)

  12. Provides a large number of utility classes that can be used directly

  13. Maven project construction, you can directly do the architecture, can improve their own learning ability, so that you become a real architect.

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