Front desk: support four sets of templates, you can switch in the background click: get the address QQ 313596790 official website system introduction: 1. The background of the site uses the mainstream SSM framework JSP JSTL, and the background of the site uses Freemaker static template engine to generate HTML 2. Because it is generated HTML, access is fast, light, and less taxing on the server. 3. 4. Springmvc + Spring4.3.7 + MyBaits3.3 SSM Common Java Web (non-Maven, with pom. XML) database: mysql

Business module (Home page management)

  1. Website information: Maintain basic website information, such as title, description, keywords, contact information, address, etc
  2. Business description: Website home page text business introduction
  3. Company philosophy: the homepage of the website shows the company’s four philosophies
  4. Rote pictures: 4 rote pictures above the homepage of the website
  5. Project case: Website home page project case
  6. Partners: Partners are displayed at the bottom of the homepage
  7. Technical team: The technical team is displayed at the bottom of the site

Business Module (Content Management)

1. About us: Maintain about our column data, Baidu rich text box 2. Product case: Maintain product case column data 3. Win-win cooperation: maintain win-win cooperation column data, Baidu rich text box 4. News Dynamic: Maintain news dynamic column data, news preview, weight, hidden display (front desk news list waterfall flow display) 5. 6. Visitors browse: list display visitors message data template management (online edit front desk template, change with use, retain editing records, any restore history template) online code editor, copy development tool editor, line number, color differentiation, code folding

8. Code generation: generate the complete module code, and retain the generated record template, reusable (super powerful development tool) forward generation: generate the complete module, page, processing classes, service layer, MYabaits XML table building SQL script and other reverse generation: Any connection to other database (mysql, oracle, sqlserver), according to the table reflection cost system module 9. Form construction: drag and drop quickly custom form construction, rich elements, rich text, upload control, drop-down box, etc. 10. Performance monitoring: monitor the performance of the whole system, SQL monitoring, SQL firewall, URL monitoring, SPRING monitoring, SESSION monitoring, etc. 11. Picture management: unified management of batch uploaded pictures, click to enlarge, you can open more, free switch, gorgeous preview effect 12. Picture crawler: input a url, climb out of its picture display on the page, you can enlarge the preview. System Settings: modify the system name, mail server configuration, SMS account Settings, image watermark configuration, wechat configuration 14. Database backup: can backup single table, the whole library, support local and remote database backup 15. Backup timer: Quartz 2.2 Powerful task scheduling, multi-threaded backup database, task start and close asynchronous operation 16. Database restore: historical backup records, restore database or single table, statistics backup time and file size 17. SQL editor: powerful SQL editor, support editing statements complex query statements, generate dynamic reports, can export Excel 18. Access record: Records the access time, source region, network operator of each IP address, counts the number of visits and detailed time of each IP address 19. IP blacklist: IP addresses that are blacklisted are prohibited from accessing the front desk of the website 20. Traffic statistics: PV clicks and unique IP visitor statistics, line chart, bar chart, pie chart (regional statistics)

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

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