Java download and install tutorial

Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle…

1. The Windows system selects this version

2. Select the installation path of your computer

3. Complete installation

4, configure environment variables, Win10 users can search advanced system Settings in the lower left corner of the desktop search bar

Entering environment variables

We have system variables and user variables, because we haveDevelopers usually just use one user to log in, so just change the user variable, or accidentally deleted or changed the system environment variables, it is bad!

Create a new variable JAVA_HOME with the value of our Java installation path

Create a new variable, CLASSPATH, with the value locating the lib path and tools.jar, prefixed by the variable JAVA_HOME that you just defined

Edit the PATH variable and add the bin directory of JAVA_HOME

5, Check whether the installation is successful, shortcut key WIN + R, enter CMD, go to the DOS page, enter java-version

Input javac

If the above image appears, then the installation of the JDK is successful!!

Eclipse download and install

1. Download path of Eclipse official website:…

2. Click Setup and select the first one

3. Select your own installation path

Just wait for the installation to finish

4, login

Select the workspace path, the recommended choice of D disk space and other large path, C disk is not recommended, at the same time tick the lower left corner next time will not have to choose

That’s all for the installation tutorial. Like a point like ha! Wish work and study happy!